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Facebook Bug Makes People Conscious Of Their Post Views

A few days ago, what seemed like a new feature to begin with allowed some users to see how many people had viewed their posts. This was only the case on the mobile version and not the app, but people were largely concerned.

Facebook confirmed that it is not in fact a new feature, just a simple malfunction as only they should be able to verify the count. All of you with pages on Facebook will know that you have the possibility to see the popularity of a post as the number of views appears at the bottom. This is a good feature in that case, but for personal use, I am not sure it is needed.

Concerned users posted their queries on Twitter hoping to find out whether it was indeed just a new feature or whether something was actually wrong. It turned out that a few users were experiencing the same problem, some confused but many were quite upset by it.

Facebook worked as quickly as possible to remove the unwanted feature and so far there have been no more complaints or concerns. Users have gone back to being in the dark about how many views they have received, but it seems better that way. Despite the popularity of knowing view counts on other social networks, at least Facebook know never to include the feature for individual users following the reaction of what was a simple mishap. They never intended to include that type of feature anyway, but just in case they had had a change of heart they now won't be wasting any time.

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