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Facebook App for iOS Infuriates Users with Excessive Battery Drain

Facebook and Apple must be considered two of the largest, most influential organisations in the world at this point, each recognised as experts in the tech world, albeit for different reasons. You would think, with that in mind, that their tech would work well together. Apparently not.

In a potentially disastrous turn of events for Facebook, swarms of users recently removed the app from their iOS device over concerns about the impact on battery life. Due to the need for constant background updates and round-the-clock notifications, Facebook has long been known to be heavy-handed when it comes to battery consumption, but its performance on iOS9 took that to a new extreme. Needless to say, the users were not happy.

According to Doug Bolton, journalist for The Independent, Facebook accounted for 19% of his battery drain from just 3 hours on screen and 4 hours in the background. That already seems excessive and for many users the figure has been dramatically higher.

There are a number of different factors that could have caused the issue. Many users are stating that the Facebook app continues to run services in the background even with the background app refresh functionality disabled for the app, leaving users with no obvious way to cut down on the power use. The drain could also be exaggerated by the way Facebook handles video and audio. In a process known as 'hijacking', the auto-play function enabled as standard on Facebook seemingly continues to play silent audio in the background even as you scroll away from the video, which has a dramatic impact on your battery life.

While waiting for a fix, those in the know have been recommending that those who wish to make use of Facebook's services on iOS9 devices simply remove the app and access the site via their internet browser.

However, don't rush to your app list on the hunt for that delete button just yet. Today Facebook have announced that they have diagnosed the exact problem and will be implementing a fix as part of today's update, so I guess we will just have to see if it has any real effect.

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