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Technology Too Far? 'Coffin of the Future' Has Live Facebook Feed

Perfect Choice
When my earthly life comes to an end and I depart this mortal world, do with me what you will. Burn me, throw me in the sea, pose me for photos with all of my family and friends at some macabre tea party, but whatever you do... DO NOT BURY ME IN THIS.

In a vision of the funeral of the future, Perfect Choice, a funeral planning company, has forecast the technology of integrated iPads, LED lights and built-in speakers (that will broadcast your eulogy from INSIDE the coffin) will become commonplace in the all too near future.

The Gloucester based funeral company, which already specialises in eco-funerals and other pioneering developments in the undertaking industry, promises a memorial slideshow to commemorate those good times alongside a live social media feed designed for all those tributes that come pouring in during the big event.

Perfect Choice
I will reinforce the fact that this is a vision and has so far not become a reality, so don't worry about saving your pennies just yet.

Unfortunately this isn't the first creepy new instalment for your consignment to the grave. In 2014 Cremation Solutions announced their capability for 3D-printed urns that take the shape of your head in one of the most nightmarish effigies you can imagine. I mean, look at their prototype of Barack Obama: 


Gaaaaah. Even with technology just the way it is, there are some people who put waaaaay too much preparation into their own interment. Take Zeng Jia, a young student from Wuhan, China who invested great time, effort and money into rehearsing and creating her own funeral so that she could enjoy it whilst still alive.

Or this guy, who decided it would be a touching tribute to be buried astride his beloved Harley Davidson and be paraded around the streets in a huge plexi-glass box on his way to the cemetery: 


Jeez. Maybe if this guy had had more of a life then he wouldn't have been so concerned with his death. Anyhow, if social media caskets with disco lights and sub-woofers are the way forward, then stop the world, I want to get off. 

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