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Dulux Seek to Revolutionise Decorating with Augmented Reality App

Augmented reality is still very much in its infancy, and as such there's a great deal of untapped potential. I wouldn't have said decorating was on the top shelf, but that's probably why I don't work for Dulux. Their visualizer app has actually been available since 2014, but it's had some significant updates to broaden its market appeal. The main thing it allows you to do is view what a colour would like like on a wall by pointing your phone or tablet at it, the app then visualizes the colour change.

Now though, they've added even more features and made it a far more comprehensive app. You can now apply colours to photos of rooms, rather than just doing it in real time, and in some areas the app has also be re-calibrated for outside walls. When the next update comes out, UK users will be able to buy testers from it as well.

This isn't just geared towards consumers, Dulux are trying to market this towards decorators as well, as a means of saving time on jobs. In theory, if them and others continue to advance this concept, the whole fabric of interior design could be changed. Imagine being able to effectively decide how furniture is placed, as well as which doors and windows can be fitted, effectively using the building/shopping tool from The Sims? It would have to have the music as well, that should be a law.

Currently, the update has reached 28 of the 40 countries with the app, with further expansion planned in the near future. Dulux seem to have decided that it's going to be flagship of their e-commerce arm, and it wouldn't be a stretched to imagine DIY stores and decor companies following suit.

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