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#Conservatives Go After #HilaryClinton With a #Snapchat Filter

I'm just going to throw it out there - if your idea of political opposition is paying money to create a Snapchat filter, you're probably running out of ideas. It might seem like a novel idea, and it would be, if the filter was making reference to, or countering a particular point of debate between Hilary Clinton and her detractors, but this is not the case.

Clinton's approval rating has been wavering in a pretty dramatic way. Her campaign is being vastly eclipsed by that of Bernie Sanders and a series of press conference gaffs have not helped her in the slightest, but she is still very much in the race. Obviously, the other side would rather just focus on the negative, as evidenced by this little social media-based attack launched during the Benghazi hearing.

The Benghazi hearing concerns an attack on a US compound in Libya in 2012, Clinton was a Secretary of State at the time, hence why she had to testify. During an earlier investigation into the incident, it was discovered that she had been using a personal email for distinctly non-personal things at the time. Whatever your read of that might be, I think it's fair to suggest that Snapchat might not be the ideal place to comment on it, and yet here we are.

During the hearing, a Snap went around, one which almost certainly emanated from within the building, affixed with a filter saying 'This message will disappear - just like Hillary Clinton's emails'. Going to need some ointment for that burn? Probably not. Putting aside the fact that it's making a joke that Clinton actually made about herself during a previous conference, the Snap was funded by Judicial Watch.

Judicial Watch are a conservative group who have made a name for themselves calling out the Obama administration on various controversies, they did the same with the Clinton administration and they even went after Bush and Cheney after rumors of some dodgy dealing surrounding Cheney's 'Energy Task Force'. Point being, as politically motivated as much of their work is, their investigations are never undertaken lightly and they seem to have a vested interest in calling politicians out on their disingenuous antics. It's hard to see how Snapchat is going to follow that ethos.

They aren't the first to use the platform politically, though. Secure America Now released a filter ahead of the Iran deal a few months back and it was no better than this one. The trouble is, as good as Snapchat is for communicating to a wider audience, it's nigh on impossible at this point to get views across, or spark discussion in an eloquent way, it's immature by nature. As much as it's interesting to see young social networks play a role in political debate, this is below the belt.

Callum is a film school graduate who is now making a name for himself as a journalist and content writer. His vices include flat whites and 90s hip-hop. Follow him @CallumAtSMF

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