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Wave of #LGBTs Coming Out via #Facebook

Sky News
Facebook has released data that reveals more and more LGBT Americans are using the site to tell their friends and family about their sexual preferences. In conjunction with National Coming Out Day (Oct 11) and #SpiritDay (October 15th), Facebook publicised information that showed that 'coming ou't on the site has appreciated greatly in recent months, particularly after the Supreme Court ruling the legalisation of same-sex marriage in the US in June.

Approximately 800,000 people came out last year; Facebook defines 'coming out' as "(1) updating one’s profile to express a same-gender attraction or (2) specifying a custom gender". In total, 6,000,000 Americans have used the site to proclaim their true sexual or gender identities. “Not only has the total number of Americans who have come out on Facebook risen dramatically, but so has the number coming out each day,” Facebook said in the report, entitled America’s Coming Out on Facebook. “The number of people on Facebook coming out per day is on track to be three times what it was a year ago.”


Not only this, but support for LGBT groups on the site is also increasing. The statement by Facebook spoke of 5.7 million Americans who have 'liked' at least 1 of the 300 most popular sites promoting LGBT issues, with these figures again seeing a spike after the monumental Supreme Court ruling.


Due to the enormous reach of the social networking site, these figures can be interpreted to be demonstrative of society as a whole. You could be far-stretched to find someone without a Facebook account these days, so it's pretty fair to say that these figures represent real-life trends. There is no doubt that LGBT pride continues to grow as attitudes catch up with the times.

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