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Tinder Aims to Be More Genuine with Super Like Button

Ultra-popular dating app Tinder has just been upgraded with a new feature called ‘Super Like’ that helps users get noticed by people they really want to meet. Super Like lets users pick out one person each day to swipe upwards instead of the usual swipe right. That person will receive a notification showing them the profile of their admirer. They can swipe right to start a conversation.

In the past, the only way a user could find out if someone liked them back was if both people swiped right – then they’d be alerted of the mutual like. But with Super Like, you can alert that person before they even swipe you. So, if you see someone you’re especially attracted to but don’t want to risk the chance that they won’t swipe right, you can put extra flare behind your overture and ‘Super Like’ them. When they see your profile, they’ll see a blue star icon showing them that you like them more than every other person on Tinder that day.

The Super Like button looks like a step towards making Tinder into something more genuine. Sean Rad, CEO and co-founder, said: "A match on Tinder is a lot like meeting eyes across the room. Super Like is more like going up to someone and saying 'hello'." Over the past year, Tinder doubled down on keeping matches meaningful. Casual users treat the app as a game instead of a place to find matches, devaluing the experience. A scathing article in Vanity Fair last month accused the app of creating a generation hooked on casual sex, causing a Twitter storm.

But with the launch of Tinder Plus, which puts a limit on how many right swipes users can make each day, Tinder has started to curb that kind of casual usage. "There is just so much opportunity on Tinder that we need to build features that help you filter through and find the one special person," said Rad. He also said that Tinder will ‘potentially’ be adding actual filters, such as height and hobbies, in the future. For now, Tinder is only testing the Super Like button in Australia, but we can expect it to go worldwide within the next month.


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