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The Top 3 #Weirdest #SocialNetworks

Ruby by Glow

iOS only
Apparently period chat is on the up. Whilst this app's forum/social network element for period chat isn't the only feature it offers, I have to say, it all seems very obscure. Other than supplying women with guaranteed sympathy when those hormones get too much, it also provides a place for expert tips to be exchanged as well as acting as a tracking device for your cycle. What a tool! 

Sexplanations. It gives you "sexplanations." Really?

Now I’m a woman myself, but I can't talk for everyone when I say... isn't this completely and utterly UNNECESSARY? 

I am lucky enough to have 3 sisters, a mother and a bestie who (if it becomes necessary) I can talk about these things with, so I'm cool. Really, I am. 

I can see the benefits (maybe) of tracking your cycle because no-one likes to be caught unaware… but many modern women are on a form of contraceptive that does this for you or stops it all together!

This app gets even more ridiculous. It wants to know about “your sexercise” and wants to know about every sexual encounter you have, and then asks you bizarre questions like “Did you use a condom?” What's next? Will Ruby start reminding you to have safe sex moments before battle commences?

It wants to know everything! Even your specific symptoms you have on your period like… “stress.”

To advertise this app as seeing your “cycle in a whole new way” is …er.. something else. I don’t need to visualize my cycle in its animated form nor see what health trends are occurring within my body.

It may be "next level girl talk," but this was all just too much for me. Sorry Ruby, I'm out.


iOS only


Next into this Dragon's Den comes Pooductive

This iPhone app is another idea that's going down the pan, literally.

I'm sure many of us have taken Snapchats of ourselves sitting on a toilet but not for one second did I imagine that there'd be a big enough niche in the market to create... this monstrosity.

This is a little like "Chat Roulette," but without the video and naked men. Pooductive matches you up with strangers (local or global, your choice) who are on the toilet, so you can pass time (and deuces) together...

I'm lost for words.

The app has recently come out and said its aim was to raise awareness of the 663 million people who don't have access to clean water and asks people to "poop for a purpose" and donate. 

I hope that is actually happening because I don't see the need to IM and philosophize with others on their "iron thrones" otherwise.

My Free Implants



My Free Implants calls itself a "social networking website that provides fun (?), safe, and debt free alternatives to expensive breast augmentation loans." 

You can join one of three groups on My Free Implants. You can be a "lady," a "contributor" or a "surgeon."

So the ladies join, because.. well... they want free boobies. The contributors can help "the women of their dreams achieve the body of their dreams." The surgeons, well they have the pleasure of reaching My Free Implants' vast network of 4000+ potential clients.


So, there are women out there willing to accept money off anyone for boobies. There are men (mostly men I assume), who are happy to donate any amount to these woman and receive "photos, videos and messages as well as their everlasting gratitude in exchange." 

I can't believe this one. It's seriously weird and I don't know who I think less of. The contributors who encourage women to drastically change themselves and then basically pay for "videos" of these "improved" breasts... or the women who are this desperate that they go to this site.

Oh, internet. You have broken me.

Megan Herdson

Megan is a country girl who moved to the city with some big dreams. She is studying her MA in Creative Writing whilst also managing an American Football Team.  She loves her blog and wants nothing more than to have her words read. That and to win the Championship, obviously. Follow her @MeganAtSMF

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