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Is #SocialMedia Changing #Modelling?

People often discuss the effect social media has had on modelling, but they normally focus on how it has encouraged everybody to think that they are a glamour model, constantly updating sites such as Instagram with the raciest, most scantily-clad pictures they can get away with posting. While I can't deny anything about that statement, there may be another, less-discussed effect that social media has had on aspiring and established models.


Many models will choose to operate their social media accounts themselves, adding an air of personality to the affair. That is the facet I will be focusing on here.

The way that social networks have opened up fast and direct communication has resonated through most of today's industries. For models, they now interact directly with their fans and critics, often with no middle-man acting as a buffer. Sure, some of them do employ professionals or managers to run their accounts once they've made it but for less-known figures, that's often not an option. By operating their own social media, the models in question are offering us insights into who they are beyond the aesthetic usually focused upon, forcing people to focus a little more on the voice behind the image.

Those who manage to effectively connect with their fans tend to see a boost in their prospects within the industry as they win over more fans with their charm, converting their social media following into ammo on their CV. On the other hand, for an up-and-comer in the industry, one misjudged statement can generate a massive backlash and kill their prospects before they really get started. Established, well-known figures would have to say something pretty extreme to kill their careers at that point, but for those still hunting for their big break, it can be a minefield.

Models have a reputation, whether it be justified or not, for being somewhat entitled, self-involved and generally difficult. With the rise of social media, individuals have the opportunity to disprove the stereotypes and show the world that models can be more than just shallow, pretty shells. While those who don't indulge in social media aren't doomed to fail by any stretch, those who do can benefit greatly from the modern phenomenon.

Modelling will always, of course, be a primarily image-based industry by its very nature, but social media now means that inner beauty, or lack thereof, is on a show for the world to see, and that can only be considered a positive step.

Sam Bonson
Sam is an aspiring novelist with a passion for fantasy and crime thrillers. Currently working as Editor of Social Songbird, he hopes to one day drop that 'aspiring' prefix.

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