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How To Make Social Media an Accessory to Business, Not a Distraction


We're all guilty of it. Let's face it, how easy is it to get distracted whilst doing work? It's even easier when your work involves social media. It is probably a lot of people's dream job, but what needs to be kept in mind is that you will not get serious results if you are not serious about your work.

The first thing that needs to be done is treat your job with great importance. I know, the constant being in front of a computer screen makes it tempting. The new tab icon is just there. I know. You need to make sure that by opening that new tab you are going to use it efficiently. Playing games online is not going to help you work, unless of course it has anything to do with your tasks. Stay focused. It doesn't matter if you missed an episode of Doctors at lunchtime, you can watch it on catch up at home. Or on your way home, if you're that desperate to see it. And let's not kid ourselves, it doesn't look like it is going to leave our screens anytime soon. I'm sure it will even be repeated next week.

If you let yourself read, comment, like, share everything that is coming up in your timeline then you will never learn to properly switch off. You shouldn't make yourself available to it 24/7. Not only will your ability to stay focused at work suffer, but it could, apparently, severely affect your sleep pattern.

Something recommended to help is for people to determine a work plan. Sort things from the most important to the "it can wait for now". Is is good to set yourself some goals, and little rewards can be good to motivate. Maybe you feel like a crunch bar, or a pub dinner. Do those things in the order that you have planned them, otherwise that is when you will begin to drift off onto your Facebook or Twitter accounts for the wrong reasons. And remember, no work, no reward.

Back to being focused, this might seem obvious to some but it is not a good idea to multi-task. By all means, be on more than one social media website at a time regarding the same subject but what needs to be avoided is being on those accounts for personal use when you are writing an article, say. *cough* There is actually no harm in doing one thing at a time, if anything it is probably a better way to help concentrate.

These are all little tips that every one of us can take on board. Of course working with social media makes it tempting, but anyone with access to a phone or a computer is in the same boat. So next time you feel tempted to open that new tab to do anything other than your work, think, is it worth losing that bar of chocolate over? 

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