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Facebook Following in YouTube's Steps as 360 Degree Videos Are To Be Available 'Soon'


Every time we wonder what they will invent next, they sure do surprise us. Facebook will shortly be joining YouTube in the creation of 360 degree videos. At the moment anyone with a smartphone has access to the two apps, meaning they can watch videos at any time but with this new concept, you will be able to move the phone around you, giving a full view of the action.

360 Video on Facebook
Posted by 360 Videos on Facebook on mardi 22 septembre 2015

The way they are going about it is by using cameras at every possible angle. This will take time and patience although the idea will hopefully be launched over the next few months. There will of course be the possibility of watching these videos from your computer, using the mouse to move around the space.

A few partners have already been revealed, including Star Wars, Discovery and basketball star LeBron James. No doubt the videos will support themselves but with the help of these few people it should rise to the top.

Once the videos are more established, Facebook said that they hoped to achieve the same thing watching personal videos, filmed by amateurs. If a friend is away on holiday and films the view, we should be able to move the video round as if we were there with them. The only way at the moment that this is achievable is by using a special camera or a device like the GoPro Odysey ring which has 16 cameras, making it possible to capture every angle.

The aim of this is to allow people to get the full experience. Even from those small screens of ours we will be able to explore every angle to a video. The first video that Facebook have released is a snippet of the new Star Wars film. The viewers, by moving their screens round or dragging their finger across the screen, don't miss a thing.

These videos have also allowed viewers to watch concerts and games like they never have before. YouTube were the ones to introduce the concept, giving an amazing first impression.

Facebook have announced that the option of 360 degree videos will be available soon on Android but in the next few months on iOS. Although YouTube have already introduced the idea, it has developed largely since the start, making the latest videos even more precise. Soon, we will wonder how we were ever able to watch a video without the 360 degree view.

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