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Chinese President Xi Jinping Using Facebook Despite Country Ban

An official Facebook page for the Chinese President has been found full of pictures and posts about his trip to the US despite the country's ban of social media. Although many other country rulers have social media accounts they are not going against their own laws.

Xi Jinping seems to have been accessing Facebook to show the success of his American visit. While he has been off meeting the president of the United States, his posts have been shared countless times however not everyone feels so calm about the fact that he has been promoting his trip on Facebook. A comment was made asking why, if the use of social media is banned in the country, he is using it himself. He also tells him to delete the account. The comment goes on to say that if the page remains as so that he will consider 'every Chinese to be the same as a cheater, and [he, President Xi Jinping] the same as a liar.' A pretty harsh view from the public but after all, why is Xi Jinping using Facebook if he feels strongly enough about it to ban it?

Many questions here have been raised. After all social media is the best way to promote activity but maybe not if you don't agree with it in the first place. It all seems a little confusing. If it is followers he is after, he is missing out on the people who should matter the most to him as they don't have access to his Facebook account nor any other social media for that matter that isn't government approved. There is even a hash tag following his journey #XiUSAVisit which has attracted a few more followers.

On top of everything, the President has met with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. Wouldn't it make more sense to use social media that is accessible to the people of his country? They may have blocked access to Twitter and Google too but they do have sites called Youku and Weibo. Needless to say that while the whole thing remains understandable, it is at the same time a touch hypocritical and confusing. In fact, I think a lot of people feel more comfortable with the Pope being on social media, and we thought that was something to get used to.

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