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#Mission100k: Robin Hood Army Aims to Feed 100,000 Hungry

Over the weekend, the Robin Hood Army, an NGO operating in India and Pakistan which feeds at least 4,000 starving people every day with surplus food from restaurants, launched #Mission100k to help the nations commemorate independence from the British. Border skirmishes between Indian and Pakistani forces along the LoC (Line of Control) in the disputed Kashmir region marred 69th Independence Day Anniversary celebrations across the South Asian neighbours.

The #Mission100k campaign aimed to mobilise students across India and Pakistan to rally together and feed 100,000 hungry on both sides of the LoC. ‘We wanted to do something unique which would inspire students to give back to the community,’ said Neel Ghose, founder of the RHA. What started out in June 2014 as a scout group of 6 people in New Delhi has burgeoned into a band of over 750 active volunteers spread across 15 cities in India – including Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Lahore, and Karachi – and even infiltrating Pakistan. The RHA site provides DIY kits which contain all the information new joinees will need to get started, like how to pitch to restaurants and how to organise a drive with friends. #Mission100k gained support from both sides of the LoC on Twitter.

The demography of India and Pakistan are very similar. FAO’s Nutrition country profile for Pakistan reports that 40% of children under 5 are underweight due to poor access to adequate food. Close to 1.3 million die every year due to malnutrition. But it’s not because there isn’t enough – Pakistan is the 8th largest food producing country and India the 2nd biggest producer of major food staples wheat and rice.

The Robin Hood Army uses Facebook and Twitter to coordinate and recruit new members. During the season of Diwali, they created the hashtag #BeRobinThisDiwali, urging people to distribute sweets, food, clothes and hugs to the deprived, take a picture, and tag their Facebook page. The #BeARobin campaign provided warm clothes and blankets for the homeless during the winter in New Delhi. In Kolkata, they created a Robin Hood Well where people can drop off old and unwanted clothes.

Ghose emphasised that the campaign wasn’t a one-time publicity exercise. ‘We are on a mission to curb the waste of food and stamp out hunger. The effort will continue,’ he said. An August 17 update on the Robin Hood Army’s Twitter @RobinHood_Army reports that so far, over 78,000 (and counting) less fortunate people have been provided with nourishment.

Aaron Waterhouse

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