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Viral Video Depicts Chilling Child Predator Experiment

A viral video by YouTube filmmaker Coby Persin shows how easy it is for a paedophile to pick up an underage child on social media. In the video, Persin poses as a 15-year-old boy on Facebook and then, with parents’ permission, lures three teenage girls – ages 12 to 14 – to meet him in person.

Persin told CNET en Español that his inspiration for the video came from a story about a 27-year-old man who enticed a 12-year-old girl to an in-person meeting via Instagram. Persin said he wanted to raise awareness of how easy it is for predators to use social media to bait their victims. He put out an ad on Craigslist seeking parents with teens active on social media. The fake Facebook profile used pictures of a real teen who allowed Persin to use his Instagram.

Posing as ‘Jason Biazzo’, Persin told the girls that he had just moved to their area and was trying to make new friends. Within 3 to 5 days of simple conversations via text messaging, the girls agree to meet him in person at three venues: at the park during the day, at their house at night, and in a van at night. The parents of the credulous teens literally catch them in the act.

The first girl, 13-year-old Mikayla, texts: ‘My parents just left. I can be at the park in 10 minutes.’ Cameras capture Mikayla leaving her house and walking to the park where Persin is waiting. The confused girl is then confronted by her father: ‘Are you crazy? He could have been a rapist. He could have been a paedophile.’ Persin calls attention to the obvious – he looks nothing like his picture on Facebook.

12-year-old Julianna tells ‘Jason’ that she will have to wait for her dad to fall asleep before he can come over to chill because she isn’t allowed to have boys in the house, then texts her address. Dad John tells Persin that he doesn’t think she will open the door. But she does, only to see her dad standing next to a man she has never seen before. ‘You could’ve been raped and murdered,’ her dad cries. ‘I’m sorry,’ she sobs into his arms.

The oldest girl, 14-year-old Jenna, even has a phone conversation with Persin without realising that he isn’t who he says he is. He tells Jenna that his brother is going to pick her up, but it’s actually Persin and her parents waiting in the car. Her mother and father are sceptical, but Jenna jumps straight in the front seat, despite never having seen Persin before. She screams as her parents jump out of hiding in masks and grab hold of her. ‘What are you thinking? What would have happened if you came out and it wasn’t us sitting back here?’ Her mother grabs her phone from her and reminds her of the many times they’ve discussed stories of this happening to other people.

‘That should teach you a lesson forever, your whole life,’ says Persin.
This isn’t the end of the experiment. This week, Persin says that he will release the second part of the project, but this time he will be pretending to lure teenage boys. ‘They just see a cute girl and they’re like, oh, I wanna meet. They don’t realise that it could be an old man.’

Better known for being a YouTube prankster, Persin said: ‘We are just here spreading awareness and showing the world how it is.’

Aaron Waterhouse

Aaron is a recent English graduate from Durham University who is now working as a content writer intern. An enthusiastic traveller, he hopes to become a journalist and report from around the world. Follow him @AaronAtSMF.

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