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#McDonald's Apologise for Thieving #Viral Scheme from #Twitter

Chicago Tribune
This is the second time in as many weeks that McDonald's have been on the Social Songbird radar, and it's not any more flattering than last time. This time around, rather than predicting a horrifying future in which people are assimilated in the emoji master-race, they've just been stealing other people's bright ideas.

The offending campaign shows a series of people infatuated with a burger meal, posing in pictures with it as one would pose in pictures with a significant other (if one had absolutely no imagination). It's pretty flat and uninspiring and it doesn't make me want to go to McDonald's (or recant my vegetarianism), but as mentioned, it wasn't even their idea to begin with.

The Drum
A recent BuzzFeed article called attention to a man who was making a name for himself on Twitter and Instagram by posting pictures of himself with a burrito and - yep, you guessed it - they're all set up like cheesy couple-shots. It was intended as a way for writer David Sikorski to vent his frustration about all the engagement/happy couple images he had to sift through on social media on a daily basis. Also, he loves Burritos.

McDonald's clearly love not having to think their ad campaigns through, and don't mistake this for something that could easily be a big coincidence, the images are exactly the same. Since being rumbled, McDonald's have issued an apology and assured that 'This shouldn’t have happened and, with our agency partner, we’re working to find out how it did.'. My marketing speak is a bit rough, but I think that translates to either 'working to find out how we got caught' or 'working to find out who we can fire'.

The Drum
Sikorski and photographer Kristina Bavrevski, who collaborated with him on the project, are both understandably vexed about this. 'I wish they had asked me,' Sikorski said, speaking to BuzFeed. 'I could have easily came up with the exact same concept, photo shoot, styling and positioning over again if they had paid me instead.'

The internet has a rocky relationship with intellectual property, but Maccy's have crossed a major line here and the pair would be well within their rights to pursue legal action. You know what really gets to me though? The idea that a $2.50 hamburger deal is comparable to a burrito. Nothing McDonald's sells can hold a candle to a burrito. End of story.

Callum Davies

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