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Facebook Join the Live-Streaming Race at Lollapalooza

With Twitter still tinkering away with Project Lightning (or 'Moments' or whatever it ends up being called), they might now be in danger of falling behind. Snapchat have already started making use of their own curated live content feature, and whilst it got off to a shaky start, the recent coverage of Mecca gave it a shot in the arm. It seems like curated coverage of a particularly large scale event might well be the most ideal way to showcase such features, since Facebook unveiled theirs over the weekend; using Lollapalooza as a showcase.

The feature is an expanded version of the Place Tips service added to Facebook back in January, which simply kept users updated about locations that lots of their friends checked into and generally posted about. Now it's been fleshed out into a constantly updating stream of photos, videos and everything else that's viewable from anywhere within the US (for the time being). Being that they chose a music festival to test this function, content sourced directly from the promoters, sponsors and bands also featured heavily, but relevant content from people on your friends list is the real USP.

As is the way with anything Facebook ever test, it'll probably be some time before we see a fully functional, globally available version of this feature, but the coverage of the Chicago music festival gives you at least a notion of what it might look like. It's neat, for sure, but I can't help but think that it runs the risk of ushering in a whole new breed of festival envy. Photos of people having fun at a festival you're not at are bad enough when they're just scattered disparately across your news feed but imagine if they were all being served up in one massive, live, interactive postcard? Torture.

The appeal doesn't begin and end at music festivals though and as is the way with anything Facebook introduce, it might not have been their idea but the sheer vastness of the user base will provide the most ideal proving ground for the concept. Twitter will likely be keeping a close eye on this to see what lessons they can take back to their own upcoming iteration.

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