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YouTube Recruits Android and iOS to the 60fps Revolution

The 60fps takeover cannot be stopped, it seems. YouTube have gradually been introducing higher frame rate capability to all the different modes of video watching they offer. 8 months ago the functionality was added to the desktop version of the site, then in May 60fps playback was enabled for live streams. The feature is also available on Apple TV and PS3 / 4. Now we have a new chapter in the glossy tale, you can now watch high frame-rate videos on the iPhone and Android apps.

It was only a matter of time before this happened, whilst the ability to watch videos in 4, 6 or even 8k is restricted to those availed of the most beastly rigs, anything that plays in 720p or above can equally run at 60fps. Higher frame rates don't necessarily look better - in some cases they actually look worse - but it's more or less universally accepted that gameplay footage is far better suited at higher frame rates. That's because most modern games run at 60fps when they're being played anyway, so it makes sense for the let's plays to be able to reflect that.

That's the important thing to bear in mind about this, it's just another factor in YouTube's ongoing bid to be the primary landing pad for the gamer community. It come on the heels of the introduction of YouTube Gaming, a dedicated channel which organises all the gaming content on the site into game-specific pages, as well as improving live-streaming capability. Coupled with the fact that all the most popular gaming channels are YouTube-based, it's a safe bet that YouTube aren't sweating the competition, not even Twitch.

The potential does extend beyond gaming though, don't get me wrong. It's nowhere near as hard to get hold of a camera that shoots in 60fps as it is to get one that shoots in 4k or above and for things like slow-motion it works brilliantly. If you want a better idea of how the higher frame rate affects video, take a look at the 60fps version of 'Let it Go' from Frozen below (but I totally understand if you feel the need to mute it).


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