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Meet the Pinterest Brides Planning Imaginary Weddings


You might want to lay down some newspaper, because this incoming factoid might well blow your mind: there are 38 million wedding boards on Pinterest. That speaks more for the popularity of Pinterest than the popularity of weddings, but still, pretty cray. The thing is though, not all of the weddings in question actually exist, as such. Pinterest plays host to a very particular kind of bride: the kind who plans their wedding before actually finding someone to marry.

It's perfectly understandable to fantasise about a wedding, many people do, but to actually start planning it, and then coordinate those plans on Pinterest, that's a little bizarre. Lay down another sheet of newspaper: out of all the secret boards on Pinterest (only visible to the creator) - 30% are dedicated to speculative wedding plans. I'm not sure what that translates to in terms of actual quantity but I think that's perhaps a box that needs to stay closed.

Business Insider actually spoke to three of these premature wedding planners. Unsurprisingly none of them wanted to be identified, but their reasons for actually setting up these boards were varied and interesting. One of them (who actually has a boyfriend) said it was more than anything else just a way of keeping thoughts organised and having something to refer back to when the time arrives

Another said that it was a useful method of coping with stress and the third mainly used it as a means of keeping all her wild decorating concepts under wraps. When you hear this side of it, it does begin to sound a bit more reasonable, but it still plays into the whole peculiar phenomenon of fashioning a kind of 'alternate fantasy life' on social media.

Facebook has a reputation for being a means of editing your life to make it seem happier or more interesting, which is provably unhealthy, but with Pinterest it's almost like playing one massive, complex game of mash. As well as wedding plans, people have created boards for dream homes, dream jobs and dream vacations. It's harmless enough and under some circumstances it might actually be a good form of mental exercise

The best thing that can be said of all this is that it encourages creative thought and may well lead to a greater number of more unusual, personalised weddings. Just maybe wait until after you've married the other person to tell them that you planned it all out before you actually met them.

Callum Davies

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