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Meet Bodhi the Shiba Inu Model – The Best Dressed Dog in the Business

We at Social Songbird love a good animal star. Our latest favourite is Bodhi the modelling Shiba Inu. He is currently bringing his lucky owners in $15,000.

It all began in 2013 when his owners/designers David Fung and Yena Kim began a Tumblr account for their dog. It was a jokey/satirical account used to parody the serious fashion bloggers who swamp our social media accounts.

I assume his owners discovered he had what it takes to be a star when they realised they had purchased one of the most patient dogs in the world: who would not object to being dressed up or fight when they made it look like he was taking a selfie.

Everyone knows that these animal stars endorse products but Bodhi is the only one who is an actual model. He is even known to most people as Menswear Dog.  He has modelled suits, glasses, Daniel Wellington watches and Adidas jumpers. He has also landed paid modelling contracts with some megabrands like Asos, Coach, American Apparel and Salvatore Ferragamo.

Bodhi is a New Yorker which is perhaps what gives him that chic fashion icon attitude. As if that wasn’t enough, he is also an aspiring Carrie Bradshaw and has brought out his own book called Menswear Dog Presents the New Classics: Fresh Looks for the Modern Man.

He has nearly 200k followers on Instagram and even is an avid Snapchatter.

This dog has a natural talent, he can pose better than an average person and he holds himself with so much pride and sophistication that I’m beginning to look at my humble mongrel dog and wonder if she will ever be as perfect as Mr. Bodhi himself.  

He has a very human face for a dog and as I browsed through his pictures I found myself comparing him to the likes of PharrellWilliams and Bruno Mars. He is certainly one of the more amusing animal celebs I’ve seen online.  Obviously nothing will beat Marnie, mind you.

So there he is. Bodhi the Menswear legend. I am envious of his owners who make a living of dressing their dog up in human clothes and taking pictures of him – but alas, I’m just not sure my dog has what it takes

Megan Herdson
Megan is a country girl who moved to the city with some big dreams. She is studying her MA in Creative Writing whilst also managing an American Football Team.  She loves her blog and wants nothing more than to have her words read. That and to win the Championship, obviously. Follow her @MeganAtSMF

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