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How to Get Faster Streaming Videos

Nothing is worse than when you are trying to stream a television show you missed last night only to have it continually stop, buffer, freeze. You try again, only for it to play for a few more seconds and then repeat the entire process. A slow death Internet connection can be the problem but here are several other quick fixes you can try in attempt to improve your video streaming speed on your PC.


  • Close any open tabs on your web browser except, obviously, the one you are using to watch your show.
  • Close any programs open on your computer. Open programs can reduce your computer's ability to process the information as it arrives.
  • Try the oldest trick in the book - restart you’re router. Hold down your router’s reset button and press for a few seconds. If you don’t have a reset button, restart it by removing the cable from the power socket. Wait for a minute and then plug it back in. By restarting your router it reboots all its systems including the network processor and wireless radio. 
  • Didn’t help? Next try and move your router. Materials surrounding your router affect your Wi-Fi. Materials such as metal and brick interfere with the signal while wood does not. Most good routers will try and provide a symmetrical “donut” of Wi-Fi coverage. Try and place your router in an open space, central in your house.
  • If it isn’t already, position your router’s antenna vertical.
  • Video streaming is affected by the number of people accessing the website and the Internet. Politely ask them to get off. If they say no, then ask everyone using your router to streaming HD videos, Netflix, filesharing or playing Halo if they can move their devices closer to the router with little to no walls or floors obstructing their signal as possible. People steaming or torrenting from a large distance from your router then that may be the reason you are experiencing so many slowdowns.
  • Check your connection speed by running an internet speed connection test from SpeedTest.net. The speed should reaching 80/90 percent of what your service provider promises. If it is, try checking it at different times of the day. Sometimes, if there are lots of people in your area using the same service. If that is the case then your connection will begin to lag during popular connection hours such as after 5pm and usually, late into the evening.
  • Try seeing how good the quality of your Internet connection is. Go to PingTest.com and you will receive a ping figure measured in milliseconds. A ping test measures latency of communication between your computer and particular websites on the Internet. Generally low numbers are better but you will also be able to see how suitable your connection is for streaming and online gaming.
  • All routers support the 2.4Ghz frequency and Dual-band routers support newer 5GHz frequency, which distributes traffic to a handful of channels. Check to see if you are on an overcrowded channel download a wireless channel analyzer program NirSoft’s Wi-FiInforView for Windows.
If you have a Mac, like me, then click on the wireless icon in your top toolbar and click Open Network Diagnostics. This will show you each channel on each Wi-Fi frequency and tell you which nearby networks are currently working.  

Also, wireless speakers, microwave ovens and baby monitors can interfere with the wireless signal from your router. Move these gadgets out of the way if they’re in a straight line between your router and computer.
  •  If you’re on a crowded channel you can change it manually by typing your router’s IP address into your web browser. Enter your username and password and then choose the channel recommended by your Wi-Fi analyzer program.

Hopefully these steps have helped you get faster streaming videos. If not, seek help from your Internet provider.


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