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Twitter’s First Fishy User - @MaryLeeShark Gains Great Following

A shark’s unofficial Twitter page has gained over 50k followers!

Researchers and conservationists are grateful for the unexpected attention that an anonymous Twitter account has brought one of their tracked great white sharks.


An anonymous journalist has created a fake Twitter handle @MaryLeeShark for the 3,500lb shark. The creature has gained a large social media following over the recent weeks, now totalling a whopping 52.2k followers.

The updates tend to be light-hearted and silly whilst keeping followers educated and up to date on the shark’s location.

Her most recent tweet: 
“I just wanted take a minute to thank all my new followers. I passed the 5,000 mark tonight. We ARE going to need a bigger @twitter -;()”

Good one, Mary Lee. Jaws quotes never get old!  And I think that’s a rather creative emoticon there, yes, that’s it, it’s definitely a winking shark!

The @MaryLeeShark handle is not actually associated with the non-profit organisation, Ocearch, who tagged the shark in 2007. However, they have been more than happy to roll with the idea and embrace the attention. 

Ocearch have enjoyed the publicity so much, that they have been inspired to create official Twitter accounts for another two sharks.

With 15k followers there is Lydia the Shark, @RockStarLydia, who is the first recorded great white to cross the Atlantic. Then they made one for Katharine, @Shark_Katharine, with 23k followers who’s aiming to #replacefearwithfacts.

Whilst Mary Lee is still Queen of the Sea (and Twitter), it seems as though she has got some fierce competition.

For a company like Ocearch, who track these animals for the sake of conservation and education, this sort of thing can be a game changer. It just goes to prove how important Social Media is becoming for businesses and charities. Yet another example of Twitter proving that online campaigns can increase brand awareness and, in this case, help overcome misconceptions about a beautiful and endangered species.

Megan Herdson
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