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Dusty DOS Games find a New Home on Twitter


Twitter has linked up with archive.org to give old school, still-loyal gamers a well-deserved dose of nostalgia, 1991 was a damn good year. Over two and a half thousand DOS games have been released, ranging from Wolfenstein 3D to Championship Manager '93. Unless the ‘D’ in DOS stands for the vitamin, it looks like Tweeters are about to get a little paler!

The agreement means that, by inserting a link into a tweet, users will be able to open the games to play from Twitter, dragging the sites procrastination level from an 8 to a 9.5. The games have been resurrected and supported by a JavaScript port of the DOS Box x86 PC emulator; thank you, we’re very grateful.

Technology historian Jason Scott is also to thank for taking care of the games’ curation, having spent a many number of furious taps and clicks archiving DOS games.


It looks like the guys over at Twitter have done their homework. In the words of Wikipedia, it is widely known that “DOS's structure of accessing hardware directly makes it ideal for use in embedded devices.”...Perfect.


This new feature will save Tweeters, and Gamers alike, the ball-ache of installing emulators, in order to download and play DOS games on PCs.

This may see a decline in DOS emulators used to run DOS systems (games included), which have in recent times become increasingly popular among people using Windows XP and Vista. This may be due to the operating systems frustrating incompatibility with pure DOS, but either way, it looks as though Twitter has, not so selflessly, solved this problem.

Over the next few months it will be interesting to see if there’s a notable increase in Twitter users, and exactly how many games from the treasure chest of the archive are embedded in tweets. I suppose that’s when we’ll finally see if this fun feature was created out of the goodness of their tweeting, game-loving hearts or just another lustful swipe at grabbing more traffic.

Leo Donnelly 
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