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Russell Brand Provides Politicians With Platform to Engage the Disengaged


Rising revolutionary Russell Brand has single-handedly landed two interviews that may prove incredibly important to the U.K election. The semi-formal conversations have been exclusively released on YouTube and are clocking up views in their hundreds and thousands.

He has provided a platform for politicians to speak to, what is assumed to be, the most centralised convergence of non-voters; an untapped market and a chance to blood the apathetic.

Brand has three million likes on his Facebook page, over one million Youtube subscribers and ranks a shocking 2nd in the Independent’s 10 most politically influential people in the UK, only falling behind David Cameron, the current Prime Minister. He has successfully adapted his success to social media making him a model of modern popularity. He also ranks 4th on the list of the world’s most influentialthinkers and is now, therefore, a necessary component in any successful political campaign, whether through refute or alliance.

With his loud and critical political opinions there must have been a pretty high level of discomfort when shaking hands before the interviews. Only days before he hooked up with Ed Miliband he referred to him as “sort of wonky, but wonky in loads of ways, like he embodies wonkiness”, but let’s be fair, it could have been a lot worse; in terms of Russell political hit list, Miliband ranks safely far down.


In the most recent interview with Natalie Bennett and Caroline Lucas they touched upon the role of social media in today’s society. 

Natalie Bennett suggested social media be used to set up a “people’s constitutional convention”, or, national discussions based on reforming modern politics, in a bid to have everybody “Feed into the process” Russell highlighted the pageantry of politics and parliament, alluding to the over formality being used as tool to keep us underclasses a little confused and intimidated, thus less likely to challenge it. He replied to Bennett’s point with “It’s almost like politics is conducted under this ludicrous pretence that we don’t live in this social media driven communicative world.” 

That’s not to say politicians are ignoring social media, we have previously posted the main party’s social media expenditure, it was high. All seem to use it to market their campaigns, but when it comes to hearing the voice of the public, social media’s functionality and potential are being plainly ignored. It seems that Brand and the Greens feel social media could contain almost all we need for policy and national discussion.

Imagine, one day manifestos for Facebook, or question time on Twitter, campaigns on Pintrest and elections through Instagram. Who knows! But we do know the roar from social media can’t be ignored for long. Before long, it has to go both ways, not just with end of advertising in mind, but a tool for engagement and eager ears.

 Leo Donnelly 
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