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App Review - Clic and Walk


Well, this a first. In my time writing journalistically I’ve reviewed films, video-games, albums, plays, TV shows and concerts, either by choice or by request, but I’ve never been tasked with reviewing an app before. Consumer advice with apps is important, with so many variations on so many different themes being available and it becomes even more important when an apps purports to actually be able to make you money.

Such is the claim with Clic and Walk, a mystery shopper app available for iOS and Android, free of charge. In essence, it’s a mystery shopper app, meaning that it enables you to earn small cash rewards for going out an assessing shops and establishments to find out how customer friendly they are (or their webpages, in some cases). The app organises the tasks into ‘missions’ and pays out a sum for each successfully completed one. This could be anywhere from £0.40 to £8.00 or more, depending on the mission.

The missions have you answer a series of questions about the place or site you’re scoping out and take a series of pictures (if you’re doing a home mission you just take pictures of your computer screen). For instance, I went out to a DIY store and was asked to head to the adhesives isle, take some images of the shelves and products and answer a few questions about how well organised it all was and how easy things were to find. It was a simple enough task and I was in and out in less than 10 minutes (after buying some sand, because it’s difficult to get in and out of any DIY store without remembering something you actually need to buy) but I certainly felt an acute pang of self-consciousness while I was stalking the aisle taking pictures of it, trying my best not to look like a lunatic.

Still, it was an easy task that didn’t leave me confused or perturbed and I earned £7.00 out of it (although that only came through once my mission information had been ‘verified’, which took a couple of days). The home mission I tried was even easier, albeit less lucrative. When I was testing the app, only 3 missions were actually available in my local area and they were only available for about a week, which seems like a very slim window, especially given that you can take the same mission multiple times. The two introductory missions are also tied to locations in France (presumably where the app was developed), which is a bit of an oversight.

It’s a good idea and if you’re diligent with it you could probably rack up some fairly significant earnings, but it really hinges on just how many missions are available in your local area, or the areas you travel to and from on a regular basis. It’s far from the only app out there that allows you to earn small sums of money for completing tasks, although their mission format is by far the most interesting and engaging I’ve yet come across, most of the others just have you completing drab surveys. It’s still in the very early stages and a lot of rough edges need to addressed before it can really be used to its full potential, but it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on.

Callum Davies

Callum is a film school graduate who is now making a name for himself as a journalist and content writer. His vices include flat whites and 90s hip-hop. Follow him @CallumAtSMF

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