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17 Year Old Accidently Makes the Apple Watch Better for the Deaf

Mateusz Mach is a 17 year old boy from Poland. He likes technology, apps and hip-hop.

But unlike most Polish teenagers, Mach has turned his appreciation for hip hop into an app business.  
For 6 months, Mach worked on a messaging app for Android, iPhone and the Apple Watch that features hip hop/rapper hand signals as a way of communicating.

The app goes by the name of Five.


The young entrepreneur uses the signals to communicate with his friends by treating each hand sign as though it has a meaning of something bigger.

Mach has a team of two other coders who have worked with him on Five. The young team also managed to receive funding from a local investor. This isn’t just a one hit wonder for Mach either. His last app, Sagepark.pl, had over 10,000 users at its peak.

But what Mach didn’t realise when he created Five was that he would be inadvertently helping a group of people when it came to the app’s release on the Apple Watch.

International Sign Language (ISL) is widely overlooked when it comes to new technology but apparently a few deaf users have already picked up Mach’s app as a way to communicate quickly.

By predetermining what each hand signal means, it is a way to communicate that makes sense and can be decoded quickly and efficiently by other deaf users and their hearing companions.  

Because of this, Mach is working on building an ISL dictionary in the Five app. He hopes that if that takes off then his app could become a complete ISL translator.

However, at this moment in time, Mach must focus on his studies at the International Baccalaureate (IB) school. He will continue to work on Five and is hoping to show it off at the upcoming Bitspiration Festival in Krakow, Poland.  

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