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Social Media Outraged by Disgusting Prank on MyTv Cambodia

The online world has expressed its disgust after a completely outrageous and distasteful prank was aired live on Cambodian TV network ‘MyTv Cambodia’.

Appearing on a Mother’s Day special, 13 year old American born singer Autumn Allen was told by the show’s producers that she would be re-united with her estranged mother. Autumn has been out of contact with her mother since she moved to Cambodia with her father in 2008, when she was just six years old. Of course, Autumn immediately welled up at the prospect, unable to contain her joy. She told the hosts of the show that it was her dream to see her mother again’.

Unfortunately, that was where her elation met an abrupt end.

 MyTv showed a complete lack of compassion, and a disregard for human emotion, when instead of her mother Autumn was greeted by a local comedian dressed in drag. This kind of cruel, downright sickening prank would be unacceptable in any case, even more so when the victim was an innocent 13 year old girl. Naturally, the TV station has received a torrent of well-deserved abuse and complaints from the Cambodian public, and the world at large.

Ms Allen composed herself admirably considering the awful situation she had forced upon her. She managed to retain her composure on stage, and even joked with the hosts to an extent. This, however, by no means excuses what the show’s producers have done. To play with someone’s emotions in such a dramatic way, and then to broadcast it to the world for the sake of a poor joke, shows just how monstrous the production team at MyTv are capable of being. Their behaviour has been inexcusable, and I personally hope to see those responsible for this vile prank receive the appropriate backlash for their actions.

MyTv and the show’s producers have since issued a public apology, which Autumn showed grace in accepting and sharing on her social media along with the statement: 

"The two hosts, Rolin and Taboi (the producer) have apologized to me personally. Even the Deputy General Manager of the MyTV was there. A mistake happen and I have forgiven them. Thank you for every one supports. Please find it in your heart to forgive them too. Love, Autumn."

But is this really enough?

Such an act needs more than an empty apology before it can be resolved and swept away. Many social media responses have called for MyTv to enact something more meaningful, by helping Autumn locate her biological mother. That is a sentiment I am inclined to agree with, and it would go some way towards rectifying their awful ‘blunder’.

We have included some of the relevant social media posts below:


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