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Introducing the Facebook Football Awards

Awards ceremonies hosted online or even via social media platforms are steadily becoming more common. It makes sense, the internet has long since overtaken TV as the dominant source of news and information so you’re much more likely to get a strong viewership if you take your awards show online, even more so if it’s hosted on a platform as widely used as Facebook.

Such is the case with the Facebook Football Awards. In conjunction with Mirror Football and BT Sport, Facebook have opened a global ballot so that people can pick out which team they thought performed best during the 2014/15 premier league season. Other awards will go to the best manager, young player and overall player of the year. Polling opens up on May 11th and voters can user either their Facebook accounts or the fan pages for BT Sport and Mirror Football.

Additionally, participants will be able to select their fantasy team for the BT Sport Best XI Award and the clubs will be able to nominate the Mirror Football Fan of the Year. According to representative Glen Miller “The Facebook Football Awards are the only awards dedicated to celebrating the Premier League, where fans around the globe have the power to decide who deserves to win for their performance over the course of the season.  That’s what the Facebook Fan Awards are all about.  We want to give the millions of football fans on Facebook the opportunity to share their knowledge and love for the game by celebrating the players, clubs and fans they feel deserve recognition.”

The show will be broadcast live on the 26th of May on BT Sport 1, with live updates on the concordant Facebook pages. It will be interesting to see how the results turn out, given how varied and widespread fan views on the Premier League are.

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