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Content Making: Best Websites for Content Creation

When it comes to your blog or your business social media websites, it is so important to keep them updated all the time. Sometimes, finding original content is the hardest struggle of all, especially if you want to do so on a daily basis.


Well, I’m here to help. I have compiled a list of the top websites that help you find and/or create your content. Using these top sites, you should never get bloggers’ block again! And, if you’re a business trying to up your views and interactions on Facebook/Twitter, these sites will help you gain you exposure and hopefully, rack up a few more followers!

1.      Reddit
Reddit is perfect for all your general content needs. If you sign up and subscribe to the appropriate services you should receive specific content that will suit you and your needs.
The community members of Reddit vote content up and down, this makes it easy for you to decide what content is cutting the mustard.
Reddit contains a bit of everything: articles, news, photos and videos. You don’t even need to have an account to view the content, it just might be a bit time consuming to find something specific if you don’t subscribe. In the meantime though, you can browse through the top pages and find some hilarious/interesting bits and bobs and fast.

2.      InstaQuote
InstaQuote is an app that allows you to beautify your favourite quotes with a variety backgrounds and fonts.
The main downfall: InstaQuote is an app, but there are plenty of alternatives for Desktop: bufferapp.com/Pablo is my personal favourite.
The best part about quotes is: they are popular & a great way to get your content shared with others. Each time a follower retweets or shares your quote; your profile/brand is being exposed to that person’s entire following. Just think of that publicity!

3.      Infogr.am
Infographics are becoming a big deal at the moment. Especially for businesses.
Infogr.am allows you to connect real-time data sources to your infographics through Google Drive, it allows you to pick from 100s of icons and themes, you can edit text size, styles and even insert links, whilst also giving you access to detailed infographic analytics.
There are endless opportunities for you to add charts, text, quotes, maps, photos and media. You can edit a copyright area and everything!
All I would say is they are sneaky. Certain particularly handy tools are only available to the “pro” package. But it’s up to you and how keen you are on infographics. For you, it might be worth the extra £9.99 a month.

4.   Canva
Sometimes Google images just can’t provide us with everything we’re looking for.
But, Canva probably can.
When you sign in you get offered a 23 second demo and a “Beginnners Challenge,” make sure you do both. It takes no time up at all and is so much better than reading pages of “how to” or trying to work it out on your own.
Be careful, there are free images and there are premium images – easy to distinguish thanks to the huge Canva watermark. These images cost $1, so … 67p. Not much.
You can use certain layouts to make it the perfect size for Facebook covers etc.
The text options come with some really cool designs, not just fonts. This is perfect for brands.
Down falls? It can be a bit time consuming and the cost could probably add up pretty quick if you use $1 images a lot. But if you use your own company logos and Google images to find a nice background, you’ll be pretty set.
There is also an iPad app available.

5.   Survey Monkey
This is great for basic surveys and helpful if you want stats to make your own infographics!
However, if you want to start plugging your own brand as well as setting up surveys then you might need to pay for the better features. But why not keep things simple? Once you’ve created your survey, you can send it out by mobile, web, and social media.
Top Tool Today:

6.   PicMonkey
This is a bit like Canva really, but with extra tools!
You don’t even need to sign up.
PicMonkey is a little less focused on stock images/backgrounds and more focused on picture editing. However, there are still plenty of pics (just mostly cartoon-based).
The editing tools vary, from filters like on Instagram to tools such as crop, rotate, adjust exposure, colours etc. There are even air brushing tools, but you’ll need the paid version…darn it! You can test them for free first to make sure it’s worth paying for – I can vouch for the spray tan & the whisker grow feature…
At the moment they are offering a free 1 month trial on their “Royale” package. Other than the editing tools you will get access to additional fonts and the more helpful stickers (arrows etc), which are particularly helpful for businesses. It could be worth a try.

Many of these options, as I’ve mentioned do have a premier version which you can pay for and get access to all the extras. This is very handy, but not always necessary. Either way, a membership to one or two of these websites will be far cheaper than paying someone to make everything for you.

Now, go be free and create content for as long as your heart desires! 

Megan Herdson
Megan is a country girl who moved to the city with some big dreams. She is studying her MA in Creative Writing whilst also managing an American Football Team.  She loves her blog and wants nothing more than to have her words read. That and to win the Championship, obviously. Follow her @MeganAtSMF

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