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Facebook’s Natural Language Progression Will Add Trending News to Newsfeed


In January 2014 Facebook decided to shed some of its old lingo and get trendy with trends. They introduced the section that now resides bottom right of the screen, to highlight posts and topics that have been widely read, discussed and shared. The one that looks like this: 


December saw Facebook’s new Trends section flourish and filter into deeper sub-categorisation. However this remained exclusive to the mobile app. Starting with the “In the story” section, users saw themselves able to quickly access the posts of people directly related to a trending story. The “Articles” section paired relevant posts in tandem with the stories shared across the platform. The new mobile feature expansion also included a “Friends and Groups” section which highlights popular content from within your network. Still not breaching the superfluous, Facebook also added a “Near the Scene” section coupled with a “Live Feed” so users can see posts from those nearest the scenes of interest and get live, real time updates on the reactions of other users from around the globe.

The new Trending News feature is set to look something like this:


As we can see, five preliminary categories have been added, which will lie below the current ten daily trends. Politics, Business, Science, Technology, Sports, and Entertainment have made the cut as the founding fathers of this new venture, and should, for the time being, be enough for our minds to cope with. We hope to see a few more categories added over time, to refine searches and add a bit of clarification (Where do I find trending fashion or fresh recipes?).

It looks like this minor evolution has come to keep Facebook in the race for the monopoly of live news sharing, but although Twitter is hopping, happily ahead, Facebook’s tireless, plodding steps may one day prove essential to the creation of a one-stop social media site. Only if, of course, that is, in fact, their end game, but who knows. Perhaps we social creatures prefer a varied choice of habitat, so maybe, at some point, these sites will cease competing and do exactly what it is they do best.

Leo Donnelly 
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