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Facebook Lite App Targets Users in Developing Nations

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The Facebook Lite website has existed since 2009, a simplified version of the standard website designed to implemented in areas with generally low bandwidth capability. Now, 6 years later, they’re turning their attention towards mobile users

The Facebook Lite app serves the same purpose for the mobile version as the original did for the web version. Currently it’s only available in Bangladesh, Nepal, South Africa, Nigeria, Sudan, Vietnam, Zimbabwe and Sri Lanka. The version only takes up 252KB of space, compared to the hulking 25MB occupied by the standard app (not to mention the addition 16MB needed to house the separate messenger). 

So why are Facebook only now bringing out an app more suitable for those with lower-end smartphones in low-bandwidth areas? The reasoning comes from a recent spike in smartphone sales in developing areas. Now that the technology is ageing, wider availability of lower-end products is becoming commonplace. According to IDC, sales of smart phones in India rose by 186% in 2013

Facebook’s interest in growing markets is no secret. The response they've received since making an active effort to expand to India has been massive and they are likely seeking to extend that momentum further still. As of December, Facebook has 112 million monthly active users in India and around 90% of them access it on mobile devices. Roughly 52 million users access it on a daily basis. Taken in comparison to say, Africa, where there are around 52 million Facebook users across the entire continent and you start to understand the impact. 

This news comes coupled with the steady trickle of information about Internet.org, Facebook’s not-for-profit initiative to spread the internet worldwide via mobile phone networks. They’re also reportedly developing drones designed to remain airborne, providing internet access from on high. 

When I say drones, try to push the image of a frail, fluttering quad-copter out of your mind though, the behemoths Facebook are planning to implement will be as big as 747s, capable of staying in the air for years. Don’t expect the rate of Facebook’s global expansion to slow down any time soon.


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