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Shocking Anti-Bullying Video Garners Massive Praise

Champions Against Bullying

A YouTube video intended to raise awareness and help battle bullying has been produced by US campaign group Champions Against Bullying, and the reaction has been quite dramatic.


The video, which shows teens reading posts left on their friends Facebook pages after their suicide, has accumulated nearly 40,000 views just on YouTube less than a day after posting.

Certainly thought provoking, and most viewers are hailing the video as intelligent, honest and thoughtful. As always with the internet though, opinion is divided, with many suggesting the video is futile and pointless.

One commenter says: “These videos aren't gonna change sh**.”

While another asserts: “Bullying, is NOT new. The only thing that is new, is everyones thin skin.”

Thankfully, these people do seem to be the minority. Most are remaining positive, and circulating the video on social media. Only time will tell if it has any real impact.

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