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Football Player Takes Selfie for Celebration

A.S. Roma's Selfie Saga

We live in the age of the selfie. To some people this is an outrage highlighting an appearance driven society and to others they would have an opinion but they just have to take one more picture of their reflection before they go out tonight.

I like selfies. I think they’re fun and they don’t really bring much harm to anyone so it’s not really worth complaining about. Except for when you see someone stand in the street for upwards of 15 minutes taking the same selfie over and over again. But that’s more on them than anything else.

Highlighting just how far the selfie madness has taken us is Italian football team A.S. Roma’s Captain Francesco Totti taking a selfie as a celebration after scoring a goal in yesterday’s match against S.S. Lazio.


Totti led a comeback against Lazio scoring two goals himself bringing the final score line to 2-2. This is Totti’s 11th goal in the city derby game, which leaves his goal count at a record equaling level.

It was Totti's fourth goal this season and he is second all-time in Serie A with 239 goals in 574 matches, the only one ahead of him now is Silvio Piola, who played from 1929-54 and scored 274.

On hitting the record number on goals, Totti ran to Roma’s goalkeeper coach Guido Nanni, grabbed his phone then charged towards the Roma fans before taking an impressive snap which will leave this memory etched online for a very long time. He did have the typical awkward phone fumble moments that we all do when we rush to get a quick picture, but I think the buzz of the stadium outshone any awkwardness. The selfie was then uploaded to A.S. Roma’s Facebook page.


The goal itself was very impressive and would probably be remembered for quite the time anyway.
Totti spoke about the selfie and the record after the game:
‘For a Roman, (the record) is one of the greatest things that there could be — for me and for all Romanisti. I'm not used to taking (selfies), because I like my private life to remain that way, but I had thought of a special celebration during the week and with this selfie everyone will remember the goal.’

Totti is now 38 years old but he's not immune from the selfie craze. I think we were all expecting selfies to come flying in from the younger generations of players. Or Balotelli. But he actually had to score a goal first. I think this shows us that social media isn't age restricted, just requires us all to take the plunge. 

All of the S.S. Lazio players wore armbands which said: ‘Je Suis Charlie’ to show solidarity with France following on from the terror attack on Charlie Hebdo last week.  

Selfie’s have become a quick, easy and popular way to have something to remember an event. I didn’t realise just how prominent they had become until during my graduation. One of friends quickly whipped out her phone after shaking the Dean’s hand and took a selfie with him and the stage. I thought that was a great idea, I contemplated doing it myself.

Except that my old phone took about 3 minutes to load up the camera. 

Tom has just graduated from University of East London in Creative and Professional Writing. He loves writing and is currently interning as a content writer hoping to go further. His other loves include Arnold Schwarzenegger films and his dog. Follow him @TomAtSMF

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