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Andy Murray Says Yes To Scottish Independence

Tennis Star's Last Minute Twitter Announcement For Independence

Andy Murray has taken to Twitter to throw his two cents into the Scottish Independence debate at the 11th hour, posting this morning a declaration for his support for independence. After years of keeping silent on the issue, Murray tweeted to his 2.7 million followers about his disillusion with the No campaign’s recent ‘negativity’.

The 27-year-old Wimbledon champion – one of Scotland’s highest profile international stars – made the announcement just hours before polling booths opened this morning, saying ‘Huge day for Scotland today! no campaign negativity last few days totally swayed my view on it. excited to see the outcome. lets do this!’

It’s not just Murray whose view has been swayed, but likely a number of his millions of followers will be swayed too. His tweet received a mixed reaction from his fans; one replied ‘Aw nice one Andy! (Left it a wee bit late there, could you no have come out a bit sooner)’, whilst another follower said that he was ‘disappointed in you andy, you may have just swayed the undecided’.

Murray, originally from Dunblane but now a long-time resident of Surrey, will not get to vote today. He has however previously expressed his admiration for staunch No supporter and ex-Prime Minister Gordon Brown, and said he disliked Alex Salmond’s stunt of waving a Scottish flag after his Wimbledon win. After the match, Murray said that ‘I am proud to be Scottish, but I am also proud to be British. I don’t think there is any contradiction in that’. It appears that the No camp’s recent campaign tactics have put the athlete off, and after years of ambiguity over the issue he has finally come out with a statement, hours before the nation votes.

Murray and his mother have both seen successful PR turn arounds (Judy transforming from moody, over-bearing coach into glamorous and loving mother), whilst the tennis star himself has won over many English cynics. In 2006 he riled a large proportion of his supporters when he stated that he would support ‘anyone but England’ in the World Cup. After learning his lesson and keeping shtum on the topic of Scottish-English relations, Murray has worked his way to the top of the seedings and the nation’s affections. However this good sentiment may not last too long in light of today’s admission.

If Scotland does vote yes to independence it will mean that Murray no longer plays for Great Britain.

He is joined by hundreds of other famous figures who have taken to social media to air their opinions on the referendum vote. US presidents past and present seem in favour of a union that is a ‘strong and robust’ ally for the States. Singers Sir Paul McCartney, Sting and Mick Jagger, actresses Helena Bonham-Carter and Dame Judi Dench, composer Andrew Lloyd Webber, music mogul Simon Cowell and physicist Stephen Hawking have all signed a letter urging Scotland to stay in the union.

Murray’s apparent support for independence is not alone however, as fellow nationalist Sir Sean Connery said in March that: ‘simply put, there is no more creative an act than creating a new nation. I believe the opportunity of independence is too good to miss’. Be warned though, this comes from the man who famously said in a Playboy interview that he thinks that it’s okay to hit women. Look out all you bonny lasses.

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