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The League - Tinder For The Elite

How To Hook Up If You're Kind Of A Big Deal

In a lot of ways, Tinder is like that dive bar down your street. You started going ironically, making a big deal about it with your friends. Then it turned into that place you went when there wasn’t anything else to do on Saturday nights. Now you find yourself there twenty minutes after you get off work, hunched over a beer and wearily scanning the place for new faces.

But you deserve something better; a place where everyone is as handsome and rich and sophisticated as you are. And that’s what the creators of The League are thinking too – a dating app for the elite.

The app is aimed at society’s crème-de-la-crème, the Ivy League grads and high-profile CEOs who want to get in on the whole mobile hook-up scene but are just too busy being rich and popular to get around to it. It also promises to hide your profile from business contacts, co-workers, and friends – as always with services for society’s upper echelons, discretion is key.

The service isn’t quite as straight-forward as Tinder. Users set ‘ultra-specific preferences’ to filter out those who don’t meet their exacting specifications – which, based on the way the app is presenting itself, will probably centre on looks and money. It also promises that ‘an advanced screening algorithm keeps our community well-balanced and high-quality’ – the digital equivalent of the bouncer at an over-priced club.

While Tinder requires only that you log in via Facebook, The League asks for both your Facebook and LinkedIn profiles in order to join; presumably to ensure that only genuine professionals make it past the gate as well as helping them to fulfil their aforementioned promise of keeping you hidden from co-workers. Founder Amanda Bradford says that for many being seen on hook-up apps can be ‘detrimental to their personal brand’ – a phrase she uses with apparent sincerity.

The League covers more of the ground between the recent crop of hook-up apps and the more traditional dating websites like OKCupid or Match. Users are shown the full bio of prospective partners, rather than just the name, age, and photos offered by Tinder, and have as much control over who can see them as who they can see. Those looking to only date people under 40, for instance, won’t be shown to those users outside their own specifications – what Bradford refers to as a ‘no voyeurism’ feature. 

While this ‘elites only’ dating app may seem a little gross and unsavoury, there are already plenty of private outfits out there which offer exactly this service – matchmaking for those who don’t want on be seen on the dating scene. Social media has thus far concentrated on being as wide-ranging and inclusive as possible; it seems only natural that someone would eventually exploit the gap in the market for those who would rather live in a digital ivory tower. And of course, it’s not as though the team at Tinder are particular paragons of virtue.

The app is only available in San Francisco for now, and is still in beta; the company says that they plan to roll it out to other cities depending on demand. So if you’re just too cool and popular to find your own equally cool and popular dates, The League may be for you.

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