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London Zoo Live Stream

Otterly Adorable

If you love exotic animals but don't have the money to see them in the wild or the time to go to the zoo, the London Zoo may have found a great solution to your problem. They now live stream their animal enclosures, so you can enjoy 24 hour coverage of  your favourite animals without moving from behind your computer.

Source: bio-conservation.weebly.com
This venture, at the moment, only applies to MeerkatsAsian Otters and Galapagos Tortoises, but if it is successful could apply to a lot more animals. If you want to be overloaded with cuteness all you need to do is go on YouTube and you can enjoy endless coverage of the mundane things animals do. And believe me it is extremely watchable. You'll end up watching hours of otters just playing around in the hay. 

To provide you with 24 hours, 7 days a week, of unbelievable cuteness, London Zoo teamed up with Google and Ofcom. The technology used to effectively stream the animal's enclosure is not what you would normally expect. London Zoo and Google have been using technology called 'White Space'. It uses gaps in spectrum frequencies used for TV broadcasting, a space that up until now had been wholly untouched. White Space is even more effective then Wifi or Bluetooth as it can travel longer distances and and passes easily through walls. 

This technology is currently being tested with London Zoo's help to see how much space there actually is and how how much it can be used. White Space technology could potentially be used to provide broadband access to remote locations, for instance at sea. The technology is currently being tested on the ferries to the Orkney Islands. 

Looking into the future, this sort of technology could also enormously help the conservation of animals. It could be used to closely monitor a particular species in order to find out more about their behavioral patterns. Because white space can even be used to provide broadband in remote areas, it could be set up to monitor animal populations all around the globe. If similar sort of cameras are installed in areas of the globe where poaching is a serious issue, then animal's in danger of disappearing could potentially be saved.

No matter how the technology could be used in the future, using YouTube and social media to promote the London Zoo is great idea. These insightful videos could only be a great way to market the London Zoo and encourage more people to come visit. When looking at the extremely cute otter family having a cuddle it is very hard to resist the urge to actually go see it happen.

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