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Studies Show Our True addiction To Social Media

It's Time for A 'Digital Detox'

With summer upon us; the sun shining, holidays abroad booked and BBQ's fired up, it (of course!) also means the inevitable flurry of holiday snaps, bragging status updates and numerous selfie's of everyone in their sun glasses and bikini's soaking up the sun.

Making you feel jealous or inadequate?

Well, according to a study carried out by the disabled charity, Scope, 2 in 5 young social media users say they feel 'ugly, inadequate and jealous' when they use social media. In a poll of 1,500 social media users, 62% said that social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter "made them feel inadequate about their own life and achievements." That same group of people also acknowledged that they would be happier if they used social media less.

A third of those young users asked said that social media sites in fact made them feel lonely, despite others saying that they feel amused and better connected online.

Debbie Bines, from the charity Scope, said that our increased use of social media means that "we start to compare ourselves to others, or feeling irritated, jealous or even ugly, it's got to be time to take a break."

In light of taking a break from our busy digital lives, Scope recently held a 'digital detox' weekend in order to raise money and awareness for the charity as well as to encourage others to take some time away from the web. The aim of the event was for challengers who are self confessed 'addicts' of social media to go without using social media related technology for the whole weekend.

Does going 48 hours cold turkey sound too cringe-worthy to bare? Well you could have a serious case of social media addiction. Social media addiction is gathering some serious attention from experts and it seems that it could be well on the way to being a legitimate problem. A report from Harvard University claims that social media addiction can be just as problematic as any other addiction.

The study from Harvard shows that disclosing information about yourself via social media can trigger the same sensations as eating or drinking. Furthermore, Dr Gerald Shiener from Harvard says that social media can be as addicting as any drug. He says "people gravitate to social media because its a way to seem like you're contacting people while you take no risk."

So, next time you reach for your phone to send that agonisingly urgent Tweet or selfie snap, think more about why — and more interestingly — how many times you update your digital fandom. You may be surprised.

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