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Is 2022 the Year of the Podcast Marketing? Businesses Turn to Audio to Tap New Customers

Are you using podcasts as part of your marketing strategy?

- 81% of listeners have taken action after hearing audio ads during a podcast.
- 55% of businesses are saying they were working on internet video projects over the last couple of years.
- The number of worldwide podcast listeners is estimated to increase further to over 800 million users by 2025.
- In the United States, the most popular genres are comedy, news, and true crime.
- 44% of those aged between 26 and 35 said that they listen to podcasts.

Are your clients likely to listen to a podcast?

Remember that if your customers are B2BThink about where your customers consume your media. The majority of podcast listeners listen at home (49%), followed by 22% who listen in a vehicle, according to Edison research. By analyzing your customers’ behavior and device usage, you can better determine if they’ll give your podcast a shot.

How’s your clout?

Is the brand active on social channels already? Does your brand have a strong following, or are members of your leadership team well-publicized in the media? When you start a podcast from relative obscurity, you’ll have a lot more work to do in terms of growing its popularity. But if your brand already has its digital footing, you’ll be able to get a lot more reach with much less effort.

And don’t forget to encourage your podcast guests to share with their audiences, too. Like with guest blogging, it’s a free way to spread the word about your podcast by utilizing someone else’s (often more widespread) online presence.

Can it be tested first?

A good way to check if a podcast might resonate with your audience is to test out new audio content and promote it using the method that’s worked best for you in the past. Brainstorm a few ideas for audio resources, and use your most successful digital content as a springboard. For example, let’s say your most popular blog post is “10 Foolproof Techniques to Socialize Your Dog.” Convert that blog post into an interview with a leading dog trainer and share it with your following. The feedback you get will help inform your decision whether to continue with podcasting or not.

You know your business better than anyone. If you have two or three marketing techniques that serve you well, you may be best off investing further in those rather than charging forward into new territory. But if you’re looking for an innovative way to connect with your audience (and your gut says “go!”), it may be time to give a podcast a shot!

There’s no doubt about it: podcasts can be awesome tools for building brand awareness and also for conducting market research. By inviting your customers and industry experts to participate, you’ll build valuable connections that can serve your business years down the road.

Establish your audience

Once you know who you will be talking to, you will be in a position to tailor your content and increase engagement as you deliver the quality content that your listeners are looking out for. By creating a persona of your ideal audience, you can gain a deeper understanding of the behaviours which influence their decisions and shopping style so you can find the best way to reach them. For example, in the United States, 44% of 26 to 35-year-olds said that they listened to podcasts so by not utilising popular platforms, you could be missing out on a huge opportunity that is right in front of your eyes.

Make use of existing content

Give old content a new lease of life by repurposing it into fresh formats, utilising the power of podcasts. Instead of letting an article or video sit on your website with little to no traffic, use the information to create an exciting podcast that reaches a brand new audience. With 55% of businesses saying they were working on internet video projects over the last couple of years, staying on top of the trends and adapting to your surroundings will ensure you can maintain your position in the market.

Maximise audience engagement

When it comes to the power of podcasts, keep your listeners interested as they hear what you have to say, avoiding external distractions once they press play on your content. Studies have shown that audiences are more likely to take action from podcasts in comparison to written content, increasing your success rate as a business.

Establish your position as a leader

Stand out from your competitors with the addition of a podcast, becoming a go to source for information among your audience. A study of over 1,000 respondents resulted in 33% showing increased interest in eLearning content, so get your name out there by giving your audience what they are looking for. Whether you create short and snappy podcasts on current events, or record long form podcasts which go in depth on specialist topics, positioning yourself as an authority figure will help you build a leading reputation.

Drive people to your website

By experimenting with new platforms, reach a new audience who are likely to search for your main form of contact when looking to convert. As you mention your product or service offering, let your listeners know where they can find you and build up your website traffic, opening up new opportunities as you grab the attention of your new audience. A study by Voices concluded that “Two of the biggest changes we’ve seen are the shift to digital projects and the continued increase in voice technology.” By combining your traditional methods with the recent power of podcast, jump on the trend and keep up with the needs of the modern consumer.

Give them what they want

When you are planning out your podcasts, ask yourself what value you are offering to your listeners. Content for the sake of content can sabotage your strategy and lose the interest of your audience, not only wasting your time, but impacting your reputation as a brand.

In the United States, the most popular genres are comedy, news, and true crime so look into the preferences of your target audience and consider whether you can offer fresh and exciting content that will grab their attention. On a worldwide scale, the highest-earning podcast to date is The Joe Rogan Experience, having found a desirable niche by discussing an extensive range of current topics with different guest speakers. Once you find your gap in the market, quickly position yourself as a thought leader and become a trusted name among your listeners.

Consider your delivery tactics

Reach all the right people by delivering your content in the most effective way. Depending on the message you are trying to get across, ask yourself whether you should be hosting a fun and informal chatty style podcast, a professional talk with specialist speakers or even whether a written form of content is more suitable. Although you can back up your podcast with supporting materials on other platforms, the 18% penetration rate of podcast listeners worldwide means you could be missing out on a huge up and coming trend if you don’t jump on the bandwagon soon.

Get ahead of the curve

With the popularity of podcasts rapidly increasing, jump on the trend and get ahead of your competition by acting fast. The number of worldwide listeners is estimated to increase massively, surpassing 800 million users by 2025 and becoming a staple for many consumers. Being a completely new way of consuming knowledge in the entertainment industry, we are quickly moving towards a new digital format that is changing the way we soak up information.





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