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TikTok Reaches 1 Billion Monthly Users


TikTok has taken the world of social media by storm and your audience has noticed.
Tik Tok’s popularity with social media users gave marketers a new ally to promote their businesses in simple but effective ways.
The platform’s content-based character and accessibility led to new TikTok marketing strategies for the content-loving user.
To incorporate TikTok into your social media marketing strategy you first need to know what it is and why you need to leverage its power.

So, let’s take a look!

TikTok statistics

TikTok is a new platform that’s all about posting short videos and commenting on them.
However, the platform wasn’t always known as TikTok. If you’ve come across Musical.ly, then you know that the lip-syncing app slowly developed into one of the most popular social media platforms out there.

Despite being new, users embraced it and started creating content the moment the new version came out.

- 90% of TikTok users are on Android
- TikTok is the #1 global app in terms of downloads
- The average TikTok user spends 52 minutes a day on the app
- ByteDance may consider an IPO in the near future and is estimated to be worth $180 billion dollars
- There are a billion monthly active TikTok users
- More than 1 million videos are viewed daily

Here is how other social media networks size up in comparison:

- Facebook: 2.8 monthly active users
- YouTube: 2 billion monthly active users
- Instagram: 1 billion monthly active users
- TikTok: 1.1 billion monthly active users

One of TikTok’s features is that it allows users to upload videos up to 15 seconds long.

While it may sound short, TikTok also gives the opportunity to put together various clips resulting in a lengthier video of 60 seconds.
The main difference between TikTok and other platforms like Instagram and Facebook is that everyone can access the content without having an account.
This means that users worldwide can watch TikTok videos without going through a signup process.

What is the age range of a TikTok user?

69% of users are teenagers

31% of users are adults from 20 - 60 years old

Let’s take a look at each niche and how many videos they clock:

1. Entertainment: 443 billion views

2. Dance: 150 billion

3. Pranks: 54 billion

4. Fitness and Sports: 43 billion

5. DIY: 29 billion

6: Skincare/Beauty: 22 billion

7. Fashion/Style: 18 billion

8. Cooking and Recipes: 13 billion

9. Life Hacks/Advice: 8 billion

10. Pets: 8 billion

Why TikTok?

Choosing the best marketing channels is crucial for a successful customer lifecycle marketing strategy.

In this case, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have provided businesses with the right tools to increase their brand awareness and engage their users.

However, the greater your profiles are, the more skeptical your followers become. That is due to the excessive number of ads that your brand uses on social media networks.

While Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram ads can help you retarget your audience with amazing campaigns, ads that promote fake products have made users suspicious.

This led social media users to favor authentic content that will give them some sort of value instead of questionable promotional content.

TikTok’s videos are great to catch these users and show them a new aspect of your business.

Plus, using the platform will allow you to reach a younger demographic that isn’t on other social media platforms yet.


While this demographic might not be purchase-ready, they will be able to influence the older members of their household to act and buy products for them.
For example, showing your young audience your amazing restaurant can create hype about your business.

So, if you manage to pique their interest, then the user might want to visit your restaurant and enjoy your meals with their friends and family.

Now Let’s See 3 Effective TikTok Tactics You Need To Use

1. Use Instagram to promote your TikTok account

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms out there with more than one billion monthly active users.

Especially for eCommerce businesses, Instagram is perfect to promote your business and increase your sales and social media engagement.

Leveraging this powerful channel is your golden ticket to achieving your goals and boosting your TikTok account.

Here’s a recent example from Huda Beauty:

The brand has already managed to acquire thousands of followers on TikTok. However, this number can’t beat the 41m followers that Huda has on Instagram.

By reposting their video, the brand increases its account visibility by incentivizing users to follow them on TikTok.

Huda takes this opportunity to also enhance its Instagram and Youtube marketing efforts as well by inserting clickable icons on its TikTok account.

2. Create authentic video content

Authenticity is key to rock not only TikTok efforts but also your digital marketing endeavors in general. 

TikTok has all sorts of videos. For instance, TikTok user Goubtube posted a dino scare prank some time ago and managed to go viral with this simple prank.

Authentic content will excite your audience and entertain them to the point of motivating them to follow you for more.

While pranks are great to make your audience laugh, numerous brands across TikTok take advantage of funny scenarios or behind-the-scenes content to attract their followers’ attention.

Here’s an example from The Washington Post that takes eating spam to the next level:

The Washington Post came up with an incredible TikTok video that made people laugh and landed thousands of likes moments after being posted.

3. Leverage the power of TikTok influencers

Collaborating with social media influencers is an amazing way to boost your brand awareness, increase your credibility and provide fresh content to your audience.

Instagram influencers have always been your golden ticket to boosting your conversions. However, the power of the new TikTok influencer shouldn’t be underestimated.

As TikTok grows, more and more content creators will create incredible content that will attract thousands of followers.

For Chipotle, collaborating with influencer Josh Sadowski resulted in a couple of hilarious comedic skits that featured the brand’s products.

Finding the right TikTok influencers will allow you to come up with exceptional content that will promote your brand.

To do that, try to see what each influencer posts on their TikTok account and determine how well their content will resonate with your audience.

Then, all you have to do is to get in touch with them and start an amazing collab that will skyrocket your brand awareness.


TikTok is growing rapidly, meaning that more users regardless of age will join due to its massive popularity and content-driven character.
To take advantage of it, you need to come up with the right strategies.
Knowing the basic tactics will give you a head start and let you increase your brand visibility, so make sure to read through and get one step closer to success.

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