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Wedding Vendors use Instagram Comments to Attract New Business

We all know that Instagram can be used for business. A company can make an account and then interact with fellow users to try to create more business, but the wedding industry seems to have taken that a few steps further due to users' curiosity and eagerness to share what they would like.

Some wedding vendors do have a curious way of attracting users to their accounts and therefore their business. Using hashtags and emojis, some of these businesses are tracking down wedding proposal photos and commenting on them in order to entice newly-engaged couples to use their product or service. These comments aren't saying please visit my Instagram or saying we can do this or that for you. Instead, they just comment on how beautiful the photo or the proposal story was. The idea is that the user and their friends might be curious as to who this user actually is and click on their page, only to be drawn into a wedding wonderland. Once users are there, the business owners hope that their work will encourage engaged couples to take on their business and dating couples to become engaged and then take on their business. It is an incredibly smart way to do so in a way that's very similar to the way some women make wedding mood boards on Pinterest when they're planning or just hoping that their partner will propose.

This isn't the only way wedding vendors are using these tags, though. Of course, some vendors will simply comment on and message users who are getting married. This could either be quite flattering or really annoying depending on how the couple feels about having things pushed at them. Seeing how this way of marketing has been going on for a while and a lot of these photos they share are professional, it could be that they're hoping for the offers.

For this to work, the various vendors need to make sure that these couples are local to them. They do this by using tags and geolocation services to track where the photo was posted. Of course, if a proposal photo was posted on holiday, then it might take a little more research.

Both are interesting ways to try to encourage business and they prove that social media really can be useful. Having people bombard you with messages asking you to use their services might be a little annoying, but it could help people find another vendor to check out whilst they're trying to organise their wedding. This way of picking up business on Instagram probably couldn't be implemented by many other types of business but it's certainly an interesting one that's probably going to continue picking up steam.

Rosina is a Songbird writer with a degree in Creative Writing. She's trying to focus on her novel on the side but is glad to be playing around with apps and writing about them in the meantime! 

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