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Facebook Whistleblower Frances Haugen urged Zuckerberg to step down

Frances Haugen the Facebook Whistleblower accompanied by Libby Liu from Whistleblower Aid were interviewed at the Web Summit 2021 in Lisbon this month.

The former Facebook employee that provided tens of thousands of documents of internal company research to the US SEC to prove that Facebook is lying about the effectiveness of its efforts to eradicate hate, violence, and misinformation, was one of the speakers at the Welcome night at the Web Summit 2021.

She said that her mom who is a priest gave her the foundations she needed to take the decision to do what she did. It was the right thing to do.

"Facebooks currently if prioritizing content in the newsfeed, has a side effect of prioritizing and amplifying the most extreme polarising and divisive content"

"A key problem is that the foundation of the platform's security is based on monitoring content language by language, which does not scale to all the countries where Facebook operates," Haugen noted.

"The difference with Twitter is that at Twitter the branch that makes decisions about what content is safe to be on the platform reports to a different chain than the group of people who is responsible for making sure that politicians are happy, at Facebook those organizations reports to the same person and the consequence is people are often afraid of speaking up"

"Every human deserves to know the truth", said Libby Liu

Haugen urged Zuckerberg to step down and let someone that prioritizes people run Facebook.

"I think it is unlikely the company will change if [Mark Zuckerberg] remains the CEO," Haugen said and added: "Maybe it's a chance for someone else to take the reins... Facebook would be stronger with someone who was willing to focus on safety."

Libby Liu added, "People should never have to choose between their careers and their conscience"

Haugen continued, "There is a Meta problem at Facebook which is that over and over Facebook chooses expansion and new areas instead of sticking the landing on what they've already done"

"I don't hate Facebook, I love Facebook"

She ended her interview by saying "I look forward to seeing Facebook in 5 years......"

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