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The best of UEFA EURO 2020 in memes

EURO 2020 is coming after one intense month to an end, with the finals to be playing already at the moment by Italy and England.

The social media coverage of this event has been massive. The official Instagram page counts almost 9 million followers, while TikTok, the official sponsor, has more than 5.

While the official pages represent the first point of call for official information, meme creators have had the chance to have fun through other channels during this month.

To celebrate the finals and the end of this social media phenomenon, here are some of the memes that went viral throughout the cup and somehow tell the story of this incredible sports event.

Ronaldo trendsetter

During the press conference ahead of Portugal vs Hungary match, a bold Ronaldo iconically removed the bottle of Coca-Cola from the table to promote a healthier lifestyle, making the multinational lose 4 billion dollars.

Many players took inspiration from him in the upcoming days, making the phenomenon viral on social media and the hashtag #CocaCola trending.

The Group of Death

The internet did not disappoint with memes making fun of the bad position Hungary found itself into.

The country did not pass the group stage but, against all odds, finished it with three points, drawing two times and only losing once.

All the other teams of the ‘Group of Death’ have eventually been eliminated as well.

The Wonder Goal

The greatest moment of the group stage was undoubtedly Patrick Schick's goal. The Czech player, seeing Scotland goalkeeper David Marshall in an advanced position, scored a goal from the halfway line of the field.

Needless to say that the number of memes and content that has been posted online to make fun of the Marshall's reaction and celebrate this incredible moment is huge.

The Swiss Supporter

June 28, France vs Switzerland. A rollercoaster of emotions, with Switzerland tying the game right before the 90th minute and then beating France on penalties, making the whole continent celebrate.

The mood swings of one of the Swiss supporters have been captured on international tv and became viral online in no time.

The guy declared that the power of social media left him shocked. He is normally a reserved guy, and he finds this celebrity moment funny but hopes it will end up in oblivion soon.

The reaction of the supporter was so memorable that it has also been reposted from the official page of EURO 2020.

Football’s coming home...

England, “the country who invented football”, has never won any football Euro cup.

It is then understandable that this year, as they finally reached the final, the country is popping off. Thousands of people are gathering in the squares of the country singing “it’s coming home” and remembering those times in the nineties when the national team could count on unreal players.

Hundreds of England memes got viral, and famous brands such as Tesco created their own memes and online marketing campaigns based on the lyrics of Three Lions too.


As the final is approaching, Italy points out that football is not coming home, it’s coming to Rome.

Everybody loves Italians

The Italian team is loved for its passion when singing the anthem, the ability in losing time during the extra time, the dramatic hand gestures, and in general the typical Italian lifestyle.

Luis Enrique, the Spanish coach, before losing the final declared “I love Italy. I like Rome, an incredible city where I had a wonderful experience, even if only for one year. For me it is a pleasure to play against Italy,” later adding that he “will cheer on Italy in the Final.”

The social media and media coverage sympathising for the Italian anthem raised a small backlash, accusing the sports channels of being unfair and supporting the country too much and considering the hype exaggerate.

When it comes to sports, the reactions on different online channels are often more exciting than the games themselves and have real-life consequences, such as in the case of Ronaldo and Coca-Cola.

With the finals to be played tomorrow, the era of the EURO 2020 meme will come to an end, passing the torch to the upcoming Tokyo Olympics.

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