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Web Summit 2020: Day 3 Highlights


As the 2020 Web Summit draws to a close, as a much calmer day for many who exhausted themselves over the first two days, we here at Social Songbird are once again taking a look at the highlights of the day. Before that, however, I'd like to take a moment to thank the organizers who, in this tumultuous time, did everything possible to create another event that everyone could enjoy. Though different to previous years, I think the reviews from all of those that attended can attest that it has once again been incredibly fun, interesting and informative. The mingle function once again deserves mentioning, as fantastic proxy to the networking amongst the crowd, I think it has the potential to serve as an example to the future events happening while we still face the pandemic. 

It has been our pleasure here at social songbird to attend some interesting talks today as well, including "WhatsApp for business" and the oh so fitting talk for a team working online, "the secret life of remote teams."


Once again some fantastic speakers had their talks today: 


Senior Vice President of Digital at Burberry Mark Morris Discussed Customer focussed marketing and Branding.


Chris Evans, Actor and co-founder of A Starting Point, along with the other co-founders Joe Kiani and Mark Kassen, discuss political polarization and misinformation in their press conference. Stating that A Starting Point is trying to take a stand against these issues.


Jason Fried co founder and CEO of Basecamp spoke on burnout as a result of working remotely under pandemic conditions.


Malala Yousafzai spoke on how education and climate change might not be the separate topics one might think.


Lalibela Global-Networks takes the crown for 2020's PITCH Battle.


From all of us here at social songbird it has been a pleasure to interact with you and thank you for coming to visit we hope to be joining the press at next years web summit as well.


Jack Glidewell - Editor at Social Songbird

A self taught writer and news enthusiast, with a deep love for new and exciting developments around the globe. Aspiring Novel writer and traditional and pop Japanese culture lover. 

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