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Promote Mode - Twitter’s Subscription-based Automated Marketing Engine

Described by the company as “your always-on promotion engine”, Twitter’s ‘Promote Mode’ offers users an automated brand marketing tool that continually promotes your tweets, profile and larger brand for a flat fee of $99 (USD) per month. Promote Mode has been available for a good few months now, so we thought it was about time we had a look at what this engine offers in terms of bang for your buck.

According to Twitter, Promote Mode can help its users to reach up to 30,000 additional people and add an average of 30 new followers each month, though of course results may vary. That’s not bad if you’re just starting out, but such figures will hardly go noticed by larger accounts and operations. With no option to spend more in order to scale up the audience to which your tweets and ads are promoted, this may turn off many larger business to which the engine’s ease-of-use may have appealed.

This ease-of-use is another major selling point of the engine; though it’s not necessarily as effortless and risk free as Twitter would have you believe. Firstly the targeting options are far from all-encompassing with many fairly prominent fields of business left off the list entirely. Additionally given the fact that the promoted tweets are selected automatically with no intervention from yourself outside of the initial setting of rather loose parameters, there’s every chance the system could slip up and promote something posted in error or that wasn’t necessarily meant for your larger audience. You could argue that care should be taken not to post anything publicly which you are not happy for the world to see, but systems such as the one used here have a history of promoting some rather untoward content.

Promote Mode does have the potential to be a useful tool for smaller accounts seeking growth - if used with due care - and is comparable in performance to Facebook ads of a similar cost; however as the company scales so too should your marketing efforts, and Promote Mode simply fails to offer that capability. In the long run, setting up ads for yourself will be better and achieve better results if done well, but Promote Mode still has a purpose in helping smaller ventures get off the ground.

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