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Let Your Browser Help: 5 Awesome Google Chrome Extensions for Marketers

Digital marketing isn’t always easy. In fact, a good ad campaign will typically involve hours of research and hard work, along with some blood, sweat, and tears along the way. So why not ask for a little help?

As digital marketers, we spend day after day buried in our browsers, so they’re the perfect place to start looking into different ways that we can make our daily tasks a bit more straightforward.

As a fan favourite browser in our office, here are 5 awesome Google Chrome extensions that can be quite useful to many marketers:

One of the most important skills for any digital marketer is to be able to understand the difference between good link building practices, and poor practices. Of course, in terms of marketing, poor practices include a failure to track and monitor your links to determine success.

CampaignTrackly can help. With its automated link building feature that tags every link that you share, it becomes quick and easy to see how, when, and where your audience are engaging with your links, and with your content. Ultimately, this extension helps you to visualize your links effortlessly, along with your traffic and goals.

Maintaining a collection of relevant and useful information is essential for marketers, and yet the traditional ways of doing so are quickly dying out. Sustainable practices mean that large paper files are out, while browser bookmarks went downhill with the death of syncing services like Xmarks.

Today, more and more marketers are turning to extensions such as Evernote Web Clipper; a way of creating your own swipe files when doing target audience research and competition analysis, and saving, tagging, highlighting, and sharing ideas from any website, using any device with Chrome. Not only can you save inspirational content but also practical business documents, such as conference and hotel bookings.

According to Foster Web Marketing, bad grammar is bad for business. In fact, 59% of audiences would be put off a company if they had clear spelling mistakes or grammatical errors in their content. Fortunately, getting it right is simple with Grammarly for Chrome.

Not only can this browser extension pick up on common mistakes, but it’s also able to look at contextual errors; ‘compliment’ and ‘complement’, for example. Perhaps best of all, Grammarly allows you to review your content in terms of American, British, Canadian, and Australian English which can help to boost your international marketing campaigns.

Nothing less important is the fact that it can check your work basically everywhere. Writing a reply in Outlook? Writing a pitch in your outreach tool? Adding a new blog post to WordPress? It covers all of that and more.

Research shows that video content increases dwell time on a website, making it an effective tool for marketers. However, video can be tricky to get right. So what are other businesses doing differently that makes them successful? VidIQ Vision for YouTube spells it all out.

This Google Chrome extension adds an additional layer to standard YouTube Analytics, delivering statistics for any video (average watch time, views per hour etc.), demonstrating how videos are ranked for relevance, looking into video SEO, and showing how and why some content is deemed to be ‘related’ and therefore recommended to viewers.

One of the biggest questions in digital marketing is this: why would someone choose to read your content if they can read something similar over on a competitor’s site? In order to make content interesting and engaging, it’s essential to be able to offer something different; perhaps an unusual take on a common topic, for example.

Google Similar Pages recommends similar sites to what you’re browsing, making it easy to find details on specific subject matters. This not only allows you to see what angle hasn’t yet been covered, but also provides you with more information about the topic at hand.

Additionally, it can also help you find new guest posting opportunities by showing you sites similar to the ones you were just featured on.

Adopting New Technologies

Around one quarter of marketers cite identifying the right technologies as one of their biggest marketing obstacles. Fortunately, the rapid growth of cloud-based software, such as the Google Chrome extensions above, are improving access to some of the most effective and efficient tools for digital marketers.

These tools serve a dual purpose: they provide marketers with the information they need to boost the quality of their campaigns while simultaneously streamlining processes to save time and money in the office.

Guest Post - Dario Supan

Dario Supan is a content strategist and editor at Point Visible content marketing agency. When he isn’t neck deep in outreach projects and editorial calendars, you will most likely find him designing a custom graphic for his next exciting post.

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