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Microsoft Introduces LinkedIn Integration Tools for Outlook

Microsoft’s $26.2 billion acquisition of professional networking platform LinkedIn just last year may have been an expensive one, but it also made sense; the two companies offer services which complement each other greatly, and so it came as no real surprise when Satya Nadella addressed the audience at Ignite back in September to preview newly-developed integration features which would soon allow commercial Office 365 subscribers to view LinkedIn profile information within Microsoft’s existing apps and services.

Now these integration features have begun to roll out, with Outlook.com being the first of Microsoft’s products to get the treatment. The integration with LinkedIn allows users to view rich insights, profile pictures, work history, and more, right from within their personal inbox. All you need to do is select an email contact’s name within your inbox and a detailed contact card will appear, complete with links to the user’s LinkedIn profile. This card itself functions as a miniaturised version of their online profile, allowing you to interact and connect with fellow professionals much like you would on LinkedIn’s own platform, all without leaving Outlook.

This isn’t the first time that LinkedIn have attempted to incorporate their platforms into those of email providers; back in 2012, prior to their own acquisition by Microsoft, the company bought out a smaller company called Rapportive which made a Gmail plugin which did just that, integrating some of LinkedIn’s features into the Gmail web app.

Although there is no official word as yet on the exact date that these integration features will be incorporated into Microsoft’s other apps and services, the company did state back in September that following the release on Outlook.com, the features would soon follow on SharePoint and OneDrive for Business. They will be available on Outlook for Windows, Outlook for iOS, and other Office products in the coming months.

The integration of LinkedIn with Outlook is just one of a number of updates announced by Microsoft this month; further detail on these updates can be found here.

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