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YouTube's Private Messaging Feature is Finally Opening Up

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YouTube have been testing out their private messaging feature for the better part of a year now. It's something which the users have been requesting for much longer and now it's finally here and fully publicly available. In the most recent update to the app, a new feature has appeared which allows users to send each other videos and chat about them privately, no comment chains, no linking out using other platforms, no trolls.

Sharing works with anyone in your contacts and sharing groups can contain anything up to 30 people. Beyond simply sharing videos, it works like a stripped down version of Messenger - you can send text and emoji replies and even 'heart' specific messages. It's all designed to make YouTube feel like a more inherently social, friendly experience. It had that bearing before this, but most of the communication is done on comments sections between people who usually don't know each other.

YouTube is a social media platform, strictly speaking, but it behaves very differently to most of the others, and in the past it's actually relied on Facebook and Twitter to connect people. If you wanted to share a video, you went out of YouTube to do it, but this new feature cuts out the middle man. What will be interesting is seeing how the social dynamic translates over to YouTube now that it's all in-house.

The feature won't appear to all users right away, I still can't see it, but once it does, you'll see it as a sharing option for videos alongside Facebook, email and all the others. Once the video is shared, it is pinned to the top of the thread, with messages rolling out in real time beneath it. More improvements are planned once the feature has finished its full release.

The only issue is that basically anyone can send a message request at any time, opening up the way for some serious spam attacks. You can, of course, just refrain from accepting the requests if you don't know the sender, but still, it's bound to irritate some, and YouTube might want to consider bringing in some kind of filter system in a later update.

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