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Pinterest Have Appointed Their First Media Agency

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Pinterest are taking their initiative to break away from the social networking flock very seriously. Every recent update has placed them further away from counterparts like Facebook and further into the realm of the search engine, with the endgame being that Pinterest becomes the deepest image search engine on the internet. A lofty goal, to be sure, but not impossible.

Now they've made the leap into the paid marketing world by hiring a media agency - Giant Spoon - to help promote them as such. Previously, Giant Spoon have worked with HP, Google, Lego, NBC and a number of other different companies on media initiatives, but this new Pinterest deal is seemingly unlike anything they've ever done before. They're helping to drive business growth, which is certainly their bailiwick, but they're also helping a company transition from an established guise to a whole new one.

Pinterest have been working round the clock to help move this along, adding and removing features with the aim of keeping the soul the same whilst reshaping the skeleton. The 'like' button is gone, and recently they added in the ability to photograph an object and then search the platform for similar looking items. With the impressive (and ever growing) depth of their photographic archive, supplied by more than 175 million users, features like this are only going to continue emerging.

As well as drafting their first media partner, Pinterest are also growing their video advertising arm. Video ads are going to start appearing on the home screen soon, as well as the user search result page. Pinterest have only been selling video ad space since last August but that side of the company's advertising is growing rapidly. In this sense, especially given the introduction of autoplay, they're still very much comparable to Facebook and Twitter, but since they're locking down a completely different market, it's an understandable trend to mimic.

What's all this leading up to? An IPO release, by the looks of things. Pinterest staffers have said as much, and the company are aiming for an internal revenue total in excess of $500 million this year, so even with all these big, encouraging steps, they have their work cut out. Before they can even think about an IPO, they will have to have shown prospective investors (and basically the whole world) that they're not a social media platform anymore.

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