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EchoMany Are Flexing Their Social Media Movie Promotion Muscles Again for Alien: Covenant

Last year, video promotion company EchoMany made a name for themselves by running the social media campaign for Deadpool, which has since been lauded as one of the best promotional efforts of any film in recent memory. Now they've been drafted once again by 20th Century Fox to handle the last push for Alien: Covenant.

The Ridley Scott-directed film, which bridges the gap between Prometheus and Alien comes out on May 12th, and it has a hell of a mountain to climb. The franchise has been stagnating for decades, Prometheus was intended to be the saving grace, but sadly failed to deliver on pretty much all of its promises. Alien: Covenant has styled itself as a scarier, more brutal follow-up, much more closely knit to the film which started it all.

To that end, EchoMany have been utilising Facebook and Twitter to help get fans hyped for the film, by way of personalised content. Simply by retweet the film's official Twitter, fans can receive personalised updates which not only introduce them to the world of the film, but immerse them in it. Thus far, the most notable offering has been a monogramed crew badge.

For the next few weeks, more and more content of a similar nature is going to be released on both platforms. The key here is call and response, rather than simply scrolling past promo spots on the news feed, fans are being offered content which they can directly engage with and instantly get a tailored response. Interactive advertising has been around for a while now but EchoMany have found a new, much more effective way to use it.

Interestingly enough, Alien: Covenant is also a prime example of how not to use interactive advertising. A few months ago, another company created 'Meet Walter', a fake ad for a 'synthetic companion' featuring Michael Fassbender's character for the film. At the end of the ad, viewers were given the option to order their own companion, and got a confirmation email. Cute idea, but it was a closed loop, focusing too much on being authentic, rather than engaging.

What EchoMany are doing effectively amounts to nagging, but cannily so. Until the film is released, fans are going to be reminded of it constantly by updates which address them personally. The content itself might not be that deep, but it'll keep the film at the forefront of their minds, hopefully ensuring that upon release, they'll have their tickets at the ready.

Callum is a film school graduate who is now making a name for himself as a journalist and content writer. His vices include flat whites and 90s hip-hop. Follow him @Songbird_Callum

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