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Twitter Are Going to Start Letting Brands Live Stream Straight From the Platform

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In a somewhat late bid to pick up some momentum in the live-streaming race, Twitter have made an interesting move - they've opened their API up so that publishers can stream live video on Twitter whenever they want, just like on Facebook. Formerly, publishers had to make a partnership deal with Twitter if they wanted to do this.

The real question is, if live streaming directly through Twitter is about to become a thing, what's going to happen to Periscope? After all the fighting and Meerkat stomping Twitter did to get it off the ground, it does seem like something of a waste to render it obsolete like this, but if the removal of Vine proved anything, it's that they aren't exactly sentimental about their old ventures.

Facebook Live has demonstrated that it's far better to keep all your services on brand than treating them as individual microcosms. Those in the know will be able to recognise the connection between Twitter and Periscope, but others may not.

Even if Twitter do manage to create a serviceable live streaming component, they're running a race which is already half-finished. Facebook are very much leading the charge, while YouTube have carved out their own niche in the market, and dedicated live streaming services like Twitch continue to expand into other avenues. It's hard to know exactly what would attract users to streaming on Twitter over any of those other options.

News reports will probably find the most value in it, as Twitter is already such a popular source for breaking news. That may not be enough purely by itself, but given that Facebook are looking away from media outlets and more towards actual TV style content, the tidal shift may actually end up helping Twitter out. If they set their trajectory more towards newscasting and user generated content, they may find a niche of their own - the one Facebook dropped like shed weight so they could chase after Snapchat.

Homing in on more live events, like they have with the Oscars and Super Bowl in the past, would also be a wise move. The main thing they need to do is make sure that their streaming service is functional, intuitive and fun to use. If they get that down, the late entry might not put them at such a disadvantage.

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