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YouTube says We Can Be Heroes...or We Can Be Trolls

YouTube has introduced YouTube Heroes in an effort to encourage a more community-driven way of monitoring inappropriate behaviour on  their platform.

Good intentions, right? Not at all, according to the numerous vloggers that have voiced their concern against the social media giant. The number of dislikes, in response to the video, massively outweighs the number of likes.

The worry is that the freedom to create what you like, on YouTube, will be held within the parameters of internet trolls. I mean, the hideous desires of the boring anarchist will deem what is worthy to be on YouTube. That's essentially what the argument hinges on; no one wants some jerk ratting you out.

But the people that choose to flag the video aren't jury members, they don't make the final call.
The videos flagged must fall within YouTube's community guidelines. The videos will then need to be cross-checked by someone that works at YouTube.

YouTube haven't changed their community guidelines, they simply added a way for you to govern your own and your peers behaviour.

Imagine if a million people decided to become a Hero, but 900,000 were trolls; it would be irritating for a short while, however, the 100,000 that took their hero role seriously would work their way up the ranks.

In 3 months you can cut out the 900,000 and keep the reliable 100,000 heroes.

YouTube haven't made many mistakes. The way they conduct business seems to be a lot better than other social media platforms. Sure, you can find some pretty dodgy videos from time to time but YouTube works to rid their site of that content, and this is their latest move to help tackle that.

If that's their biggest mistake then I still trust the way they conduct business.

Also, a teenage Vlogger has recently been jailed in Singapore for “wounding the feelings of Muslims and Christians” in a series of YouTube videos. The fact that YouTube didn't flag his video shows that YouTubers are still pretty free to create what they want.

This 'heroes' concept reminds me of the scene in Django where Dr. King Schultz explains what a bounty hunter is to Django:

'The state places a bounty on a man's head. I track that man, I find that man, I kill that man.
After I've killed him, I transport that man's corpse back to the authorities.
I show that corpse to the authorities, proving yes, indeed, I truly have killed him, at which point the authorities pay me the bounty.'

Django: You kill people? And they give you a reward?
Dr. King Schultz: Certain people, yeah...
Django: Bad people?
Dr. King Schultz: Ah! Badder they are, the bigger the reward.

Translation: YouTube places a bounty on an inappropriate behaviour. The YouTubers track those kind of videos, which is then cross-checked by an authority, proving yes, this video is inappropriate, at which point the hero is rewarded.
Imagine having a 21st century Dr. King Schultz keeping those pesky rats and trolls in check.

Image result for dr king schultz

We haven't reached an Orwellian dystopia that'll run YouTube into the ground, simply by encouraging people to watch out for inappropriate behaviour on YouTube. What we have reached is a society of intern-ets. Yep, the biggest group of unpaid interns, and that is a travesty.

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